Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wake up!

My alarm used to go off at 6:45. I'd finally get out of bed at 7:30. Figuring I needed more sleep, I switched my alarm to 7:00. I still get out of bed at 7:30.

My brain says that alarm should just go off at 7:30. Of course, 7:30 is pretty tight, considering we leave for the bus at 8:00.

Naturally, my brain decided to stay up late and search Pinterest for ideas. Of course, there were lots of pics of interesting alarm clocks, motivational posters about waking up, and ways to stay out of bed. Of course, I have an alarm clock, I know my motivation, and I have no issue staying out of bed. I just need a way to get my body out of bed.

I then browsed the Googles, and found some gems. Naturally, there was the advice that you'd expect to find: avoid having caffeine before bed, create a bedtime routine, don't go to bed angry. Of course, these address a different issue: falling asleep - a problem I don't have an issue with.

The only piece of advice that I found immediately relevant to my problem (getting out of bed) was to physically create a routine. In the middle of the day, simulate going to bed - put on your jammies, turn out the lights, and crawl into bed. Then set your alarm for a minute or two later, and immediately get out of bed when it goes off. You're supposed to repeat that 3 times a day, every day until you are able to jump out of the bed when the alarm goes off in the morning. A little strange, but would work in theory.

Do you have any secrets to how to convince yourself to get out of bed in the morning?


  1. Hmm interesting- simulating bedtime routines in the middle of the day- guess I can't do it at work ;) I'm the worst at getting up in the morning- my man gets up at 7 and I end up snoozing until 8 which when you think about snoozing, it's probably not a very restful sleep!

  2. I'm lucky that my internal clock is pretty good (it came from years from waking up at 5:45 to catch the bus to school), so I don't really have a problem with getting out of bed in the morning. But I usually set 2 alarms, 15 minutes apart - the first one to wake me up, and the second for me to get out of bed. It works pretty well.

  3. Haha! That is so funny! I've never heard of doing that. It sure would feel weird to pretend it's nighttime a few times during the day. lol The Hubs likes to let his alarm clock go off about three times before getting up and it's SO annoying to me! I'm one of those people that set my alarm and hop right on out of bed when it goes off. =) I don't have any tips on how to become one of those people though. lol

  4. I put my alarm on the clear opposite side of the room, so I have to physically get out of bed and walk in order to turn it off. By then, I'm up.

  5. Go to bed earlier. It really sucks, but the only thing that has truly gotten me out of bed on time where I'm not absolutely exhausted is going to bed earlier.

    I have also been employing some light therapy techniques. We don't have an actual overhead/ceiling light. We have one of those desk lamps and a very bright standing lamp with two brightness settings. In the morning, I turn the big lamp on setting 1. When I've woken up a bit (15-20 minutes later), I'll turn the second setting on. In the evening if I'm not reading, I'll switch the big lamp back to setting 1 or completely switch over to the small desk lamp. By doing this it mimics sunlight changes and helps create a rhythm. This doesn't really apply if you have open windows with lots of natural light, but I have to use blackout curtains or I can't sleep at all at night.

    Also getting up consistently, even if you don't have to be somewhere helps. I'm bad about losing routine without prior commitments and that's how I usually mess things up.


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