Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Business Casual

I was told that there was no official dress code, but general business casual attire was accepted. There is no term that confuses people more than "business casual". To me, the traditional business casual attire is dress pants, dress shirts, and sweaters. So for my first week of work, I wore exclusively dress pants, dress shirts, and sweaters.

Day one, I went with a ruffled collared dress shirt (not properly shown in photo), a shawl collared sweater (new, stolen from my sister), and a blue on black pinstripe pair of trousers. I really hope that they look better in real life than in the photo. Since I knew I'd be walking, I went with conservative black, casual wedges.

Day two, I started pattern mixing, which was a bit strange for me. I don't do a lot of pattern mixing at the best of times. However, I went with a collared green and white shirt with a glenplaid trouser that reads as a solid. I topped it with a black cardigan, and bottomed it with a very quintessential oxford with the twist - a heel.

I even ended off the week with trousers, collared shirts and sweaters! I had seen Cori of La Petite Vie wear a similar outfit and immediately filed it in my inspiration. It was the perfect opportunity to navigate the even more vague "Friday" of the "Business casual world". I felt so confident in this outfit, calling it the "Business casual three piece suit".


  1. Great looks! I love the last one the most, the layers are awesome and I really love the jacket!

  2. Love these looks, I think you mastered Business Casual. I especially love the third outfit, so cool!


  3. I really love that last look! You look so cute!!

  4. I like them all but #3 the most! I hate that "business casual" non-descriptive description. We were business casual at my last workplace but I eschewed the polos and khakis favored by most everybody else for pencil skirts and pumps. The place I did my assessment test at today - there were people wearing jeans. Ugh!

  5. All really excellent looks, I'm especially in love with the last one. It's got a very English professor-y vibe in the way that makes my tweed-loving heart go pittypat.

  6. I love all of these - the last two looks are really awesome. How did these go over at the new job?


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