Thursday, April 19, 2012

Casual Days

I pinned this outfit a few weeks ago. I loved how effortless it appeared. Of course, once I threw it together, I realized how much work it takes to make something appear effortless. There was folding and pulling, and stretching... ugh, it took forever and a half. Certainly didn't think it was worth it - I only went grocery shopping.

The outfit and the event did provide the opportunity to test drive my new oxford flats. I find church is a good time to try out outfits, but grocery shopping is great for breaking in shoes - long enough to know if/where they'll pinch, but short enough to avoid drawing blood.

And while I dress up for the grocery store, I dressed down for my last unemployed day. It was a hilarious balance of shopping and playing with my niece... as in doing both at the same time. I tell you, Home Outfitters is an amusement park when seen through the eyes of a 17 month old!


  1. I love your red sneakers! They are too fun, especially with the red scarf! I also love the chambray shirt over the dress. A chambray shirt is totally on my wishlist right now!

  2. The black ddress with the chambray shirt is super cute!! I hate that more effort went into it than it was worth though. lol Isn't that the way things usually seem to go!?!

  3. You, my dear, look adorable. One thing I noticed is that you belted outside of the chambray shirt instead of under it like the inspiration photo. Belting outside usually takes a lot more effort for me!

  4. I like both looks a lot. Especially the red chucks. I also like the new oxfords. Hope they were comfy for you. I tend to do the stupid thing and just wear new shoes whereever. I might try the grocery store thing next time though. I dress up for the grocery. Haha.

  5. You are totally looking cool and effortless, just like you planned to be Cara!

    Love the chambray, very summer ready!


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