Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Out the Door

Starting a new job means starting a new routine. Starting a new routine means the opportunity to start new habits. In addition to those general habits I discussed last week, there have been some new and treasured routines I have established. My favourite -- and possibly the most efficient -- routine I've established has been getting ready for bed.

Yes, there's always an episode of The Nanny prior to washing my face and brushing my teeth. There is the lingering by Scott's desk, taking much too long to say good night - even if he's coming to bed with me. However, it's what comes next that makes all the difference.

1. I sweep back out to the kitchen to make sure that I've got everything I need for my lunch ready to go.
2. I pack my purse, making sure I have my bus pass, id/key card, wallet and keys
3. I lay out my clothes & accessories, making sure nothing needs ironing, the colours match as well in real life as they do in my head, and that I have both a left and a right shoe.

Those three steps save me not just save me time in the morning because its already done, but it also allows me to solve any problems - from realizing I left the check on the counter, and having to make myself a peanut butter sandwich instead, to discovering a stain on my white shirt - with a cool head when time isn't as much of an issue. Despite having to leave 30 minutes earlier than I used to, I seem to have more time in the morning, including enough time to eat a balanced breakfast!

What steps do you take to make your mornings run a little smoother?
Red Wrap
Why did I buy it?
Originally, this shirt had ribbons running down the sleeves, which you could tighten ruche the sleeves. That detail sold me on the shirt

Why did it work?
It's a faux wrap, and is a blue red, which I find works better with my complexion than an orange red

Why does it not work?
It's faded and a bit short. I've noticed these are 2 common problems within my wardrobe.

How did I wear it?

 What will happen to it?

I might have already packed it off to a thrift store! And it's been replaced by a very similarly styled deep red sweater I stole from my sister.


  1. By getting up a half hour later than Dave. If we get up same time we are in each others way. I get up hand off any ironing to him. Jump in shower while he leisurely irons and then goes to pack lunches. While I do hair and makeup. For him getting ready is. Shower. That's it.

    Also I make coffee the night before. I Only like Iced coffee and if you make in morning you have to figure out how to cool it without water logging it.
    We also always cook food night before for Dave. He literally can't eat lunch out.

    Any deviation to all that and we are screwed.

  2. Planning makes mornings go so much easier. Although I still dawdle a bit and take my sweet time. On weekends I try to prep fruit and veggie packs for both of our lunches. I hard-boil eggs and sometimes put leftovers in single serve containers. I try to pick outfits. In fact, I need to go do that now. I swap purses if needed. etc. etc. I think I'm a bit too much of a planner, huh?

  3. I plan a bit the night before too. I have a pretty good routine in the morning. It helped me save time when I started drinking my coffee at work. It takes me so long to drink a cup of coffee, I was always running behind when I made it at home. Now I drink it while I check my email and get into my day and I'm out the door so much faster!


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