Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good time for feeling good

"Scott, I'm so happy that I think I'm going to burst!"

That sentence alone could summarize last week for me. It boggles my mind how finding the right job makes all the difference in the world. Primarily, it means coming home in a good mood, which in turn, filters through the rest of my evening, and the rest of my life.

  1. I am cleaning up after myself.
    I used to walk in the door, drop everything on the floor, and burst into tears. There my dirty lunch dishes, my mitts, my bag would sit until I needed them again. Every movement seemed to fight a gravity so strong, my body would collapse onto the couch and not move. Now, I bounce through the door, immediately bring my lunch kit to the kitchen, hang up my coat, and even some days, I put my shoes away! (Some days, habits are tough to break)
  2. I am getting exercise
    As I said, I bounce through the door. Scott gets a little overwhelmed by this uncharacteristic energy, so my solution has been to change out of my work clothes into my work out clothes, and get a bit of a workout done before supper.
  3. I am eating well
    First of all, I'm starving. All day. And that's a good thing, because I'm craving fruits and vegetables, not cookies and chocolate. Sure, it means having to remember to pack lots of healthy snacks, but in the grand scheme of things, eating more healthy options is better than eating any little amount of gross foods!
  4. I am getting out
    Friday, I was invited out for drinks. I was pretty pumped to have plans, but was a bit weary about being so tired (see #1). Instead, when I arrived home, I wasn't ready to call it a night. After months of being unable to find a suitable time to meet with friends, we discovered last minute texts paid off. Not only did we get together that night, we were invited out the next, as well
If you remember when things were a little rough, I was working hard to find one thing, every day, which I had done well, or one positive trait for myself. It's been a lot easier, and it has quickly morphed into a list of things for which I am thankful. I really hope not only that things stay this good, but also that I stay being grateful!


  1. i had missed the last post about words hurting. I am glad it sounds like you are on the up end of that. I deal with that all my life and it sucks. unfortunately sometimes that voice for me has been the people who SHOULD of been lifting me up. They to this day don't admit the damage they cause but really it was severe. Sometimes words cut deeper than any knife ever would. With a knife at least that wound can heel.

    happy that you are happy!

  2. I am SO glad things are turning around for you and everything is going so well right now! I'm happy the new job has made all the difference! That is just such awesome news!

  3. I'm so happy to hear you sounding so much more happy, Cara! Having been through a really rough patch at my current job (for 6 freakin' months!), I do know how it can sap all the energy and positivity out of you in all other aspects of your life.

    *hug* Wonderful news!

  4. I needed to read this because I am stressed up to my eyeballs lately! I still go to the gym but Friday nights are a no-go for social activities and I am such a slob during the week. Here's to hoping your positivity energy rubs off on me! :)

  5. I'm glad to hear things are going great. You were positively glowing in your last post. It's amazing how a few things can change everything. I'm so happy for you.

  6. I am glad to hear things are going well for you. It sounds like you have so many positive things happening for you. So happy for you! Yah! Heather

  7. Yay! I love reading a post like this - it gives me hope.


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