Friday, April 27, 2012

It's never too early to start planning your weekend!

Last Sunday, it was a beautiful day. In the morning, we assembled patio furniture (more on that hopefully by next week!) and I spent the afternoon going for a walk with my niece. When I got home that evening, all I wanted was a glass of sangria, having passed up the option twice the previous weekend not quite feeling spring yet.

Of course, the downfall of wanting sangria NOW is that most recipes require having the fruit sit in the wine for hours. I murmured to my sister that I was going to muddle the fruit before adding it, as I was leaving her place but by the time I got home, I got lazy, (or remembered I didn't have a muddler, and my mortar and pestle is used primarily for cumin - not a sangria seasoning). Instead, I pulled out my Magic Bullet, and blended my way to a spring beverage!

1/2 a kiwi
1/2 a mango
sufficient amount of white wine

Peel and dice fruit. Place into Magic Bullet and add wine. Blend for 10 seconds (or longer, if you don't want fruit chunks). Add ice before or after, if you like it extra cold!

It's a little frothy, so I didn't add any fizzy beverage, as some recipes recommend.


  1. Cool. I love to drink sangria but have never tried to make it. Your recipe seems easy.

  2. Yum! I have never made homemade sangria, but this sounds good!

  3. Mm that actually sounds good (personally, I can't drink the average sangria, red wine is much too alcohol-y for me).

  4. Yummo! As the Gentleman Caller and I are on a serious budget we had what I like to call Ghetto Goon-gria last night. Horrible boxed wine (otherwise known as goon) & the fruit juice that our ex-roomates left behind. It was surprisingly delicious!!


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