Friday, April 20, 2012

Summer Project

You'll notice that my outfit pic have been taken outside only on occasion this spring. There are two reasons - the first is that after the unseasonably warm winter, we're having a relatively cool spring. Sigh. The second is much more exciting -  after feeling settled in our apartment, we're settling outside our apartment. We're sprucing up our balcony!

Scott's parents generously bought us our patio set as a wedding gift.

Our balcony isn't quite big enough for the whole set, but it was cheaper to buy the set than just the chairs and the bench. Plus, years down the road, I'm sure we'll be glad to have the table, too!

Instead, we got this bench to use as a coffee table AND storage... plus we can use it for extra seating when we have extra friends over!

There are a few issues with the set. First of all, the set is eucalyptus and the bench is pine. We talked about staining it, but that's more of a commitment than we're willing to make (ie: we're lazy). We've decided we'll pull the two woods together (plus the painted and natural wood of our balcony itself) with cushions... which leads us to the second issue: we don't have cushions. Since we're not using it as an "eating set" but a "conversation set," comfy cushions are super necessary. Not to mention with all the wood, we need some colour, so cushions need to be bright. Plus, I'll take a stab at keeping a couple plants alive in a northern exposure with no direct sunlight. Oh, and just in case you believe that decorating is just a minor detail, and think there are no issues with our patio set, take a look:

Just for future reference, never buy a patio set that requires assembly on the weekend before you start a new job.Fortunately, the summer hasn't even started yet, so this can be a work in progress. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Nice furniture! I love being able to sit outside on our deck in the spring/summer. Haven't been able to do it yet but I hope to soon!

  2. Looks like a great set. I definitely enjoy my in-laws back porch, even though it gets quite hot during summer evenings. We've got curtains to put up soon. I love reading outside during the nice days.


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