Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tailored Business Casual

Tuesday's post showed different incarnations of the same outfit - trousers, dress shirts, and sweaters. The rest of week, I stuck with a similar but different style... bootcut dress pants, blouses and sweaters. How original!

The temperature in our office fluctuates between too cold and too warm. There is rarely an in-between. Being warm on Monday, I wore short sleeves on Tuesday.

Being too cold on Tuesday, I wore a warm sweater on Wednesday.
Naturally, I was warm. I think layers are going to be integral at this job!


  1. Like both looks - and your topknot is way cute. Who's in charge of the temp controls? I used to keep a desk space heater on all the time - year round. One year asked for company-issued Snuggies for our holiday gift instead of shirts. (Didn't go over so well.)

  2. I'm having to the layering thing a lot right now. It's always like that in the spring!

    Love the pop of color from the scarf in the first outfit!

  3. Yeah, I have to layer a lot at my office, especially since I'm right under an air vent!

    I like these looks - are you going to gradually ease them into more funky stuff?

  4. Ha! That's how it is in our office. Except it's all in the same day. It's insanely hot to begin with and then gets colder and colder. Layers are essential!

    The Suburb Experiment

  5. Sounds like the school classrooms. I love your hair in the first outfit, it looks cute piled on top of your head. Sometimes something works, it works. I still have to cart around a jacket or cardigan in case of random freezing buildings year round.


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