Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in Pictures - April 21-27

Last weekend was a blast - actually going out and doing something with friends! On a Friday night!  Woohoo! Of course, not all nights start out as planned. Discovering my favourite lounge 7 years ago had closed was kind of a shock.

I capped off last weekend spending the day with my niece. Or at least, spending part of my day with my niece. She crashed out during our walk, so I had little else to do but keep walking and enjoy the man-made nature surroundings afforded by the sprawling suburbs.

Since I've gone back to work, I've been concentrating on making healthy changes, and one of those was eating properly. Despite the fact that we are notorious for buying and not eating vegetables, this week, we bought a little more strategically, and have done pretty well and eating them! (At least during the week. I may have inhaled a batch of peanut butter cookies last night)

My bus stop is right outside the store where I bought my wedding dress. While it does bring back happy memories of the planning and the wedding, it does also remind me of my frustration I feel towards my wedding dress. Lesson learned: trying on a size 22 dress when you're a size 4 really doesn't give you an accurate idea of how the dress will fit, regardless of what the sales people say. But at the same time, it also reminds me that it doesn't really matter now - I'll likely never wear the dress again!

My sister picked me up from work yesterday, and so I met her outside a different building and got a chance to photograph the weird architecture of it!

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  1. Sorry one of your fav places closed! So many local places have closed in the past few years due to the economy.

    The key to eating healthy is definitely shopping healthy. If it's not there in the first place, you aren't likely to choose it. I try to talk myself out of buying the bad-for-me stuff so I won't want it when I'm looking around the house.

    I wound up leaving David's Bridal empty handed (well one, because I was running a 103F fever without realizing it), but also because they had nothing below a size 6/8 for me to try on. I can't even imagine trying on a 22 and getting an accurate idea.


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