Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marriage Advice

Our first year of marriage is coming to a close, and we have a big problem.

We don't know what to do for our anniversary.

We concocted a great plan about 4 months ago - we complained when we discovered we'd planned our wedding for the same weekend as the local folk festival. However, this worked to our advantage: a no-thought-needed gift & activity to celebrate our marriage every year.We were STOKED when we heard Feist was playing.... only to discover she was playing the Wednesday night, and there wasn't much that interested us for the rest of the weekend.

We've tossed around other ideas (a night in a fancy hotel... a weekend at the in-laws cabin... a nice dinner out...) but everything just felt... a little cliché... more "anniversary" and less "us".

Now, despite that last sentiment, I (we) need your help... what were some anniversaries / dates / events that you've shared with a loved one that were unique or memorable?


  1. I don't think it is about what you do so much is how much you enjoy it and the company you are with. If it is stressing you out then just bail on it and let the idea come to you. Don't worry about cliches. Marriage is more about commitment and love and support then what you do.

    We have spent anniversaries at $10 fried food joint and ones where we went to the place we got married and had a fancy dinner. The fried food place was more fun because it was US. What is your absolute idea day? Picnic? Walk along water? Ice Cream? Combine them into one day. Love watching buffy marathons? Set up a fort in your living room, get takeout climb in and just watch away making stupid jokes the whole time.

  2. We usually go out for a nice dinner and just hang out together. We've never done a big deal out of our anniversary (our moms remember but that's it), not for 5 years, not for 10 and not for 15 years this past year.

    Enjoy your love, and don't worry so much about what to do! Congratulations, Cara!

  3. Well the first "traditional" anniversary gift is paper, so Hub's parents gave us a check and we went to Gatlinburg (a little tourist town in the mountains). It was literally freezing cold, the roads covered in ice. I couldn't sleep it was so cold. We left a day early.

    Every anniversary since we've done smaller things, but things that allowed us to actually spend time together - dinner at local places, days out at the arcade, even days with friends. I suggest just doing what you enjoy, and not getting caught up in omg it's our anniversary - it must be the most special thing ever.

  4. Last year we went and did wine tasting at a local winery and then went out for fondue, it was totally different than anything we'd done before and it was fun.

    I agree with the others who've said as long as you do something together, that is the most important thing!

  5. Before having kids, we used to take turns cooking V-day dinners for each other. That was a fun little tradition. Then, the kids came along and now we just get takeout because its easier that way. ;)

    We typically do a weekend somewhere fun. Like a weekend at the beach or at a bed adn breakfast and then plan fun little things to do on the getaway.

  6. Hmmm good question! For VDay my man and I get take out sushi from our fave place, light candles and have chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and then watch a movie- it's low key, cheap and cheerful! I love going on day-cations, driving somewhere close by and exploring!


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