Friday, June 22, 2012

When yoga pants ruin all your fun

I judge the classiness of a restaurant not on the food on the menu, weight of the cutlery or the prices on the bill. I judge it based on how FEW of the serving staff are wearing yoga pants.

I hate the way the yoga pant trend has made the idea of "black pants" mean "that which you wear to contort your body in the name of physical and spiritual flexibility". I've seen it paired with a hoodie, a tunic, a grocery store smock, even as part of a suit.

The worst is the fact that I can't wear my black (dress) capris to work without fearing someone thinking I'm wearing stretchy athletic gear. Lululemon, I place the blame on you for messing with my once perfect: "Mix of business and casual" approach to business casual (that is: one business piece + one casual piece + one statement piece)

So believe me when I tell you, these are not yoga pants. These were once full length pants which I cropped for summer wear. They have a button and a zipper. They have three slit pockets. They have a crease down the front and require ironing.


  1. Cute shoes! Lol I know what you mean about yoga pants--I have one pair of dress pants that are pull on and stretchy but I made sure they were pin-stripe so people wouldn't think I was wearing Lululemon to work!

  2. That reminds me of the pants from NY&Co, they LOOKED like dress pants (herringbone/etc) but had a flat, slightly stretchy waist band, but felt closer to yoga pants. I can't remember how they were marketed, but they fascinated me.

  3. There are exactly 3 places yoga pants should be worn: 1) The couch for movie watching 2) the gym for cutely sweating and 3) and maaaaybe to the grocery store for soup when you feel very very ill. I love your business casual philosophy. Those cropped dress pants really work!

  4. Haha! You're so funny. =) I firmly believe yoga pants should only be worn if you're um, doing yoga. Or something of that nature. Or if you're 9 months pregnant. Then I say, you get a pass and can wear them anywhere. lol I think your cropped pants are super cute and don't look a bit like yoga pants!


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