Monday, July 16, 2012

Post-curation Consideration

My plan for "Curating my closet" was to put a "Do Not Resuscitate" order on clothes that just don't work for me, eliminating one piece a week.

And then last week, I got rid of two tank tops.

It wasn't just a case of being an over achiever.

One tank top... was to make up for the fact that this week? This week I resuscitated a shirt.

I am a strong believer in waiting 6 months after deciding to keep something and my red gingham shirt, which didn't seem worthwhile in winter, became super important this summer. I needed it for our weekend at a friend's grandparents' cabin.

I haven't been smart enough to date when I put things into a box (it's often weeks or months before I get around to posting it on here), so when I take a load to the thrift store, I randomly choose. How this one escaped, I wasn't sure, but nothing says: "Lake wear" like a knotted red gingham shirt!


  1. I love gingham. I have just found a black and white gingham shirt whilst clearing out my son's wardrobe.

    Don't forget to take part in my People Treet giveaway.

  2. I have totally resurrected things out of my giveaway pile, sometimes you see it differently!

  3. Love this tied shirt. Creates a great look.

    I've found editing my "closet" (really just a bunch of storage boxes) to be very hard. Most of my stuff is thrifted and a lot of it doesn't fit well, but I have fond memories of wearing items which prevents me (almost) from getting rid of them. Plus, I've always been secretly afraid that if I give these beloved clothes away, I'll never be allowed to replace them -- which is silly but in my head. It is only the need for more space from the influx of new clothes that's really pushing me to get rid of old, poorly-fitting ones.

    Being a girl is hard. :)

  4. Cute outfit.

    I have rescued things from my give away pile; in fact, I rescued a pair of shoes that I had given to the thrift store. I saw them in the window and repurchased them...thankfully for only $2.00!

  5. I'm glad the shirt worked out for you. Rarely do I pull anything out of the donate pile. If I do, I usually wear it once and remember why it was there in the first place.

  6. You have a great estomac my dear! Love the gingham top and I am very guilty of saving items from the giveaway pile!


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