Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy times

Last Monday, I wrote up a bunch of posts and scheduled them for the next week and a bit. This Monday, I was too exhausted. Long weekends, why do I always put everything off until you come?

This week we:
 - made pickles with my sister
 - couldn't hang out in the shade of my balcony because they removed the one above us (thought I do enjoy the extra light in my living room)
 - visisted my grandparents
 - watched far too much Olympics
 - played tennis
 - waited too late in the day to go running and ended up exhausted
 - took a nap on the couch
 - baked bread
 - ran some errands (including a $5 thrifting run)
 - organized the storage closet
 - cleaned the oven
 - vacuumed
 - met up with my sister, her husband and my niece for ice cream

Plans for this week:
 - get two more runs in before the weekend
 - visit with my parents (couldn't you tell from the above cleaning?)
 - make a Costco run
 - organize my linen closet
 - pack and head up to the lake for the weekend with some friends from Regina

 What do you have up for the week?

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  1. Goodness. Do you need to schedule time to breathe? :)

    For the Take my daughter to Downtown Disney and a cooking class to make cake pops. Go to a 31 party. Church. That's all, folks. :)


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