Friday, August 3, 2012

The Art of A Cabin

The fascination with cabins in our neck of the woods is interesting. There are two markedly different attitudes towards cabins
"It's a back-to-nature retreat. Electricity? Plumbing? That's optional, at best!"
"Summer is meant to be a time to relax. We need the creature comforts!"

Scott and I fortunately feel the same about both attitudes:
"If you want that kind of nature, why not camp?"
"It's not a cabin, it's a summer house"

Of course, we may be biased. After years of, sigh, not wanting to waste his summers without video games, Scott has finally warmed up to his family cabin, and for myself, I've been loving the "spoiled" nature of it, having grown up camping.

There certainly are some creature comforts - a full bathroom for the ladies, newly installed air-conditioning, and satellite tv. However, the spiders, the mucky water of the lake (without any sand these last few years) and the entire lack of cell phone reception and internet access make it feel like you're actually out in the middle of no where.

My favourite thing about the family cabin is that it's constantly influx. Walls have even been known to move in between visits. If I am allowed an opinion (and after my "Hey, you should build a guest cabin" comment, I may not be allowed one!), the attention to decor in all of these renovations is what balances the comfort of the house with the nature of a cabin.

The cabin has 2 and a half bedrooms... that's a master bedroom, a smaller second bedroom with a double bed for guests, and a loft with another double bed for "kids," looking out into the living space.

The living space is open concept with a wood burning stove, a couple couches (including a hide-a-bed for even more guests!), a dining area and a kitchen. The last time we were there, the kitchen was the latest area undergoing a change.

 Everywhere you look, there is wood, as every good cabin should have (well, wood and my in-laws signature red walls). But the mixture of nautical accessories and well chosen antique furniture makes it a great place for those who escape the city and those who want to feel at home.


  1. It looks so cute and cozy! I love cabins!

  2. This is so cool! Camping and hanging out with nature is one of our favorite things to do.

  3. Oooh the loft looks awesome. I love little hidey places. My In-laws have booked a cabin for their whole family to get together for Thanksgiving. I probably won't be going because my Mom wouldn't have anyone otherwise, but yay! Empty house for a few days. ;)

  4. Very nice. The ubiquitous use of wood alone makes this attractive.


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