Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A cut above the shoulder

As I mentioned on Monday, I was id'd, and it made me re-thinking my image. So while I'm still not entirely sure how the "white-trash-sports-car" (whose subwoofer definitely kicks out the bass despite my attempts to NOT rattle the windows in the neighbourhood) fits into my image, I do know I don't like having long hair.

That's not entirely true - I love the option of pony tails and updos to avoid the daily mess of washing hair, drying hair, straightening hair, styling hair. However, I don't think long hair works on me. My neck is too long, my jaw too undefined.

So I took the plunge. I instantly trusted my latest hair dresser (after months of disappointments, followed by pleading my mother to cut my hair in the middle of her kitchen the day of a wedding), and chopped off about 6 inches of hair.

It was almost immediately that I felt that not only did the hair suit me, it also suited my age, my job, and my life.

That is, until I tried to hit the gym on my lunch hour, and couldn't resort to the post-shower sock bun.  And this last weekend? Both Scott and I were id'd buying a bottle of scotch. Because that is what under aged kids drink, right?

But despite the inconvenience and the ineffectualness of the haircut, it's still me, and that's what matters!


  1. ummmm this looks amazing. I might need to copy you. hawwwt

  2. I love your new cut Cara! It looks great on you :)

  3. That's a fabulous cut, Cara - it really suits your face and neck. Hang onto that hairdresser!

  4. Your haircut looks amazing! I had a short layered bob for years and I loved it. I'm growing out my hair now, and I sometimes miss my short hair. It seemed to move and bounce more. But I do like the option of ponytails and braids. I think I'll get my hair cut again after it grows out another inch or so.

    What styles have you tried with your short hair? Changing the part? Headbands/barrettes?

  5. Now see, when someone asks for my ID, I'm flattered. I usually chalk it up to my height since I'm shorter than most 12-year-olds, but whatever. I do love the short cut on you, I think you look sophisticated!

  6. The new hair is amazing! It really suits you. It takes a while, I think, to find out what really works for us. Maybe try out twisting the top hair of your hair back or half-ponytails. Short hair does have options - even if its not as many as longer hair.

  7. I LOVE it Cara- look at us both with our new hair dos! It's so classic and I love short hair, almost went short myself but I like the sweaty gym option of ponytail (or sock bun!) White trash sports car- haha I love it! It's ok I drive a 50 year old wealthy man car so don't know which is better!


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