Monday, October 8, 2012

Clean in the Closet

"No, Scott! Why are you washing the floor with my facecloth?!?!"
It's a common complaint on a Saturday morning when I've reached my breaking point for cleaning. Admittedly, when I introduced Scott to my rag pile, it was confusing. Old face cloths, torn up sweatshirts, and unidentifiable fabrics look very much like new facecloths, accidentally destroyed clothing, and my sewing fabric stash. In order to stop the confusion, and reduce the anger we both inevitably feel when we go to put the laundry away, I finally took the time to build an organizational system.

Of course, I'm including this in our $50 apartment makeover, so I saved up cereal boxes for months. I gathered those up and my three favourite tapes: masking, duct and measuring!

  1. Remove everything from your linen closet and divide up into groups, roughly by how you'd like them to be on the shelf
  2. Measure your shelf and mark it out on your floor with masking tape. It allows you to work somewhere a little less inconvenient than in front of the closet, if your linen closet is in as high of a traffic area as ours is!
  3. Figure out what boxes will work best on the shelf, and what needs to be boxed and what can be free standing. I refuse to fold rags, so I needed a box I could just toss them in. I also like separating the kitchen towels into dish-drying and hand-drying, so it's a little less confusing for Scott. 
  4. Play with different arrangements within the taped shelf to see what will work best. Keep in mind you won't be accessing from above but from the front!
  5. Think of ways to keep like things together. We have entire bedroom sets (bed skirts, pillow cases, shams, etc) that don't necessarily mix and match with what we're currently using, so we've bundled everything from each set into a single pillow case, so we know where everything is when we feel the need to switch it up, without having to worry about everything toppling out together. 
  6. Even once you've figured out what fits together on the shelf, think about on which shelves things should go. For us, our kitchen towels and our bathroom towels are our most frequently used items, so those go on the middle shelves. 
My favourite part about this subject (other than it's a great way to distract my mother whenever she tries to snoop into our not-quite-done-and-thus-a-mess bedroom)? How easy it is to put everything away, so now Scott doesn't have an excuse for washing the floor with the same cloth I use to wash my face.

 Oh, and the fact I did it all at no cost!!


  1. This looks great! I get into a cleaning/organizing frenzy every now and then. If only it would stay that way. Heather

    p.s. you guessed pattern mixing correctly. you were the only one who got it :)

  2. Smart move. Organization makes everything easier.

  3. Congrats on getting organized. This is how I tackled the DH and my clothing. I even labeled drawers so when he did laundry there was no excuse not to know where something went. It feels great to know where everything is.

  4. Wow you're an organizational queen! When I opened out linen closet today a pile of everyday towels toppled on me, maybe it's time to start saving those cereal boxes (although neither of us eats cereal so will need a plan b!)

  5. Great advices ... I have to change my wardrobe this weekend and are very good ideas.


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