Monday, October 15, 2012

Clothing Creativity

Never before have I truly understood the idea of shopping your closet before shopping a store as I have over the last week.

We have been in the mindset that Scott doesn't have any clothes. In a mad panic, we blew large sums of money pulling together a wardrobe that would take him through his internship and, hopefully, into at least the first month at a new job.

Since we thrifted the grand majority of this new wardrobe, and hadn't yet laundered and altered many of the new pieces, Scott worked himself into a panic after the first day of work, when he wasn't quite sure what to wear on that second day.

Opening his closet revealed 16 button down shirts, 14 of which fit and were in good condition, 12 of which could easily pair with the solitary pair of black pants which were ready to wear.

For a boy without any clothes, he sure had a lot of options.

That being said, I do know large holes existed in his wardrobe - not just in condition of the clothing, but in options. He was desperately in need of pants, and could definitely use some sweaters. After getting what we would likely consider a minimum of these ("we" referring to those of us who pass our time dreaming up new outfits and colour combinations), I set to work showing Scott what outfits he could pull together.

Even with few pants and sweater options, selecting one simple white shirt made over 30 different outfits.

While not every shirt in Scott's closet could merit that many outfits, assuming they could each average about 20, the few pieces in his wardrobe paired with his 12 work-appropriate button down shirts could last an entire work year without repeating an outfit. And that was without considering the different combination with vests, ties or shoes (all of which Scott considers: "additional pieces of flare" and not actual clothing items).

If 12 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, 4 sweaters, and 2 jackets can yield approximately 240 outfits, it really does beg the question as to why I (and likely many of you) stand in front of our crowded closets and complain: "I have nothing to wear". The options truly are limitless, we just need to get creative.


  1. This is so true! A little creativity can go a long way when shopping your closet.

  2. I'm always amazed when I take the time to shop my closet. I have more options than I realize! I like to look at magazines and blogs for new color combos and apply it to my wardrobe. Some of my favorite outfits are well out of my old comfort zone.

    And my husband has WAY more versatility in his wardrobe than I do! So unfair.

  3. That's been my goal since starting my blog, I love the challenge of trying to remix what I have - but I definitely still have the "I have nothing to wear days" too.

  4. I totally just hit that wall recently. The omg-I-have-so-much-stuff-why-am-I-shopping!? Shopping is fun, it's fun to realize adding a new piece will go with a large portion of your closet. But I know this winter I'll be working on shopping my own closet. I tend to feel like I have too much to wear these days and worry what won't get worn!


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