Monday, October 22, 2012

Giving It Away!

This weekend I did two things. I got rid of somethings. And I brought in somethings. It's quite literally a case of one person's trash being another person's treasure. I pawned some of my clothing off on my sister on Saturday. Sunday was spent going through my grandparents' basement for items that either fit into our new decor (which is coming together much slower than I'd anticipated) or had high emotional value.

What never fails to amaze me is that despite the fact that I've been visiting my grandparents at this house since I was born, and the fact that I even lived there for my first year of university, I still find items that I've never seen before, like this copy of "You're You, Charlie Brown".  Since Scott a) likes Charlie Brown, b) dressed up as Charlie Brown one year for Halloween and c) is called Charlie Brown by a few people, I knew it had to come home. Similar logic followed with the "All About Sandwiches" brochure from Agriculture Canada.

Even though I know that we don't have a lot of room to store things, right now, I just couldn't turn down some of these items.

Do you have any items from family that you have to have - but that doesn't go with your decor?


  1. We have two owl pictures in our basement that are quite hideous, but they were family heirlooms that my husband just had to have!

  2. I put very little emotional value into 'things' because I used to get too attached to them in the past. But I do keep these three hat boxes that were my mom's. They've accumulated pictures and small mementos of my life, my brother's, my parents, and our extended family. I've started my own 'box' but I've yet to find another hat box to go with the collection. They stay put away in the closet, but sometimes when I need to connect it's there.

  3. When my grandparents died (I lost my last 2 within a few months of each other), I picked a few things that reminded me of them. A teacup and saucer that was "mine" when I came over, my Grandad's albums of licence plates, some of my grandmothers' jewelry.

  4. I am a keeper and collector of things! I have a "tractor seat" chair from the first swather my Grandpa had as a boy, a necklace from my Great Grandma, a trunk from my Great Aunt, a desk from Kay and Sandy, china from Grandma, a table and ring from Grandmere and about 1000 homemade blankets and quilts. I'm very sentimental and can't bring myself to part with these items. They are a wonderful daily reminder of those who are gone but played such a large part in my life.


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