Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I love Halloween. It's bugged me that as we age, it becomes less acceptable to dress up in costumes for the day, so I was pretty pumped to have two days to dress up this year!

First, my sister hosted her annual Halloween party. I had been having difficulties coming up with an idea for Scott, but when my grandmother offered me an apron, I figured it out rather quickly. If I went as Alice, Scott could go as the White Rabbit! And because I was so budget conscious this month, we spent a grand total of $1.12 on this one - and that was only because I didn't want his big head stretching out one of my headbands.

On me: American Apparel Bandeau dress (proving it is so versatile it can be worn every way... including as a costume!), white tights, black mary janes, apron (from my grandmother) and white dress shirt.

On Scott: his new navy pants, orange shirt, silver vest (from our wedding), the bow from my Shabby Apple dress, flopsy bunny ears and, of course, a pocket watch!

Today, I'm helping organize a staff party over the lunch hour, including a costume contest. While organizing that is helping me overcome my fear of showing up as the only person dressed up in my department, I do still have to contend with riding the bus. Eep!  The Minnie Mouse costume came together at no cost to the board - woohoo!

On me: a dress from a costume of mine from high school, black tights & sweater, yellow shoes, some ears I threw together with the bow from my Shabby Apple dress.

Since my sister stole one of my costumes from years gone by to wear to her party, I thought I'd recap some of them for you!

Charlie Brown & Rainbow Bright
Futurama's Leela &Zoidberg
Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus)


  1. Oh my, that Rainbow Bright costume is awesome! Happy Halloween :)

  2. I was Rainbow Bright once too!!! Yay 80's kids, lol!

    I love your Alice and White Rabbit costumes, fun theme!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Omgoodness! All your costumes are so much fun. They're all so creative. Rock on Cara! And Happy Halloween.

  4. Wow you do costumes the right way Cara, very creative and unique! We were going to go as Alice & The Mad Hatter but it just wasn't working out so we switched to Guns and Roses last minute! LOVE Ms, Frizzie, one of my fave shows growing up! Happy Halloween :)


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