Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In 8 Bit Colour

I made my niece the awesomest mobile when she was born.

Turns out it's hard to top that when a nephew comes around (and intends on using said mobile).

While my first baby-boy-focused craft is maybe not as much of a keepsake as the mobile (because you'll make one of them keep it, right, Deb?!?!), it certainly was fun.

Our local Zellers is closing, having been bought out by Target, which meant that during my every-second-night practice drives, I took a spin through the clearance sales, eventually collecting a rainbow of onesies.

The bright colours reminded me of the NES, namely the Super Mario Bros franchise. The 8 bit characters seemed easy enough to recreate.

I drew the outline of the characters on cardboard, and traced them onto the onesies with a bleach pen. The blue one needed only 5 minutes, where as I did about 45 minutes for the orange, and, as you can tell, it's the least clear of the designs. While the designs are not evenly bleached, the 'Lil Bit can only wear one at a time, especially since they're different sizes, no one needs to know!!


  1. These are adorable Cara! What a fun project and they were made with love :)

  2. Oh these are adorable!! I have a friend who just found out she's expecting, if she has a boy I want to steal this idea!! So cute!

  3. Those are so so cute. What a great and versatile idea. And I bet it cost a whole heck of a lot less than buying them premade. Great DIY and a gift I know the Mom and Dad will love.

  4. Those are super cute! What a fun and easy idea. I miss my old NES. My favorite games were Mario, Bubble Bobble, Marble Madness, and Anticipation.

  5. Adorable! I love old school Nintendo!


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