Friday, October 12, 2012

Me time

Life has been upside down inside out crazy, and I'm not entirely sure why. I do know the context for the crazy, but it does not make sense as to why it is affecting me. Scott finished school last week and has started an internship. While buying him excessive amounts of clothes (for a job that doesn't pay no less) did hit me where it hurts the most (bring my closet), he should be the one experiencing the "life as I know it is changing!" disorientation.
Signs of these changes are very present in my life. No homework for either of us means we finally have time to spend together on evenings and weekends. It also means that we no longer have excuses for leaving laundry until the last minutes, letting food dry on dishes, and ignoring the fact that we haven't seen the vacuum in weeks. Finally, the time has come to implement....... a routine.
It turns out that after 3 years of wanting desperately to do so, it's hard. Groceries on argues day has always been in place. Laundry on Wednesday functions well in a shared laundry room environment, as who thinks to do laundry on a Wednesday? And cleaning the apartment on Thursday just makes sense for freeing up the weekend.  But suddenly having plans THREE nights a week is imprisoning.
Despite having all this free time and help to get stuff done, I've never been so overwhelmed with the prospect of it.
But perhaps that's just it. With a schedule, it's not free time. Maybe it never was (as these jobs all still needed to be done and I certainly didn't change the hours I had available to do them). Instead, I'm finding I have to make the adjustment that all that wonderful "Me Time" has now become "We Time"
But I'll admit that waking up in a clean house on a Friday morning feels like a pretty good way to head into this weekend.


  1. Aw, I hear you. It's taken us a long time to get into a routine that works too. And I sometimes miss my Me Time. I completely agree with cleaning up the house before the weekend. I have no energy to do anything on the weekends.

  2. You will find a new rhythm to managing your time.


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