Thursday, October 25, 2012

Queries, or some weekend homework

As Scott wraps up his work internship this next week and hopefully (mal)adjusts to his unemployed status (I do want to keep him motivated to find a job! Oh, and I'm a terrible wife. I'd never marry me!), I'll be busy making sure he fills his hours with job hunting, resume writing, cleaning.... and of course designing a new website for me.

Naturally, he wants my input. I should be happy about that, but he starts to mention ideas that get me scared to leave the safe confines of a blogger hosted blog for a fully self-hosted custom site with some kind of CMS (content management system) that sounds like a game involving droopy boobs. (Great, remind me not to check my keyword analytics for the next few months).

So naturally, I'm doing what I do best: delegating.

You're my readers, so I want to hear what you think! Answer as many or as few questions as you'd like!

1. What is your favourite way to follow a blog?
2. When you visit a blog (not in a reader) what do you like to see?
3. What are your thoughts on commenting systems?
4. eeep... are you likely to follow a blog when it jumps domains and feeds?
5. What are some pet peeves you have about blog/site designs?
6. What is a blog that really does something well with the design/function?

I'm not so worried about content this time, as much as organization, design and function. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. 1. I like the follow a blog in a variety of ways. Some people I use GFC, sometimes I add their RSS feed to my reader, sometimes I follow someone solely on twitter. It depends on who it is and what media they use.

    2. Organized, clean layout, easy to read. Nothing with a lot of flash or moving pieces. Or the worst - popups and ad-bars. There are so many widgets these days that people cram into their space.

    3. I like to be able to use my google account. I know most people want to do their own thang, but really... I'm lazy and I don't like to have to type out all my info or sign into something new.

    4. If I know the person well enough and their new blog keeps continuous content that interests me. The blogs I follow are like any relationship. I need to be getting something and giving something.

    5. CAPTCHA or spam boxes. I am not a robot - stop making me type things I can't see!

    6. I think having an easy to search system, like tabs and tags, are important for me as a reader. Sometimes I want to see all the times somebody wore a pair of boots or every Special Feature or something.

  2. 1. I follow typically through GFC or Bloglovin
    2. A clean layout, not a lot of clutter and no blinkies or flashers
    3 The prove you are not a robot is a pain in the butt, but I understand it's to help prevent spam.
    4. Yes, I have switched to the new blog format if they switched domains
    5. Flashers, blinkers, sound (I do alot of blogging at work on lunch break or during downtime, so I don't want sound)
    6. I like tabs at the top or sidebar so you can see different special features they have done in the past.

    Good luck and have a great weekend! Heather

  3. 1. Through Google Reader, then I click through if it looks interesting. I'm a Wordpress girl.

    2. Lots of pictures, easy/simple navigation. No flashing pictures or music that starts playing immediately.

    3. I like Disqus and I get an email whenever someone comments or replies to my comment. It's frustrating when I comment on a Blogger site because (as a Wordpress girl) I don't get an email when someone replies to my comment.

    4. I changed domains 2 months ago ( to I set it up so my old domain would redirect for a while so it was seamless for most of my followers. I like having my name as the domain so I can change the focus of posts whenever I want without the name sounding weird.

    5. Having to scroll down just to see the first post. (Sorry, Cara! Your header picture is very pretty, but it's so large.) No captchas! I hate them so much and I have stopped following people because they make me jump through hoops just to leave a comment.

    6. Having a search bar and/or an Archives tab/list. People forget that readers want to re-read old posts too. Top navigation bar (home, about, categories, freebies, etc.) I don't like having to hunt around for basic info about a blogger. Also, keep social icons at the top because I like following my faves on other sites too. I like link posts too ("Here's what I'm reading...") because I learn stuff and find new people to follow through recommendations from my favorite bloggers.

    Cara, I could go on for days about how much I love Wordpress (that's wordpres.ORG, not It's very easy to use, there are thousands of widgets that make it foolproof, and the themes are sleek and professional.

    Hope that helps. Good luck! Enjoy your weekend. :)


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