Friday, October 5, 2012

Stuck in a rut or finding my groove?!

I have been getting dressed, all these months, even if I don't have photo evidence. It's been fun not stressing about clothes. At the same time, it's also been harder to notice patterns, analyze success, or even remember whether I've worn a certain article of clothing (and thus whether to find it in the drawer, because it's not dirty; on the chair, because it's not that dirty; or in the hamper, because it is!

So as an experiment, I've taken pictures of three outfits from the last week or so.

How does one decide whether one is in a rut, or has found their groove? Similar colour palettes, similar silhouettes, heck, even the same pose!?!


  1. I would say you found your groove! All of these outfits are great. I can't pick a favorite. Heather

  2. It's your groove! All the outfits are a little different but you look polished and fun in each of them. Go with what works.

  3. I think you found your groove! You look fantastic!!

  4. You're in the groove! I haven't really changed my pose in 4.5 years! Great selection of outfits, Cara - you've really stepped up your game.

  5. I'd definitely say you found your stride! The difference being that you like what you're wearing, there's good cohesion, and you LOOK good. The three looks together really show a well-edited closet.

  6. We search for what works and then stick with it. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it signals success since we've ended our search.

    You wear attractive clothes. And I adore your poses: they display you to full advantage and are delightfully feminine.


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