Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Last week, I booked this Monday off of work, so I could "recover from the weekend". It was a busy weekend - visitors, gatherings, birthdays. I had originally saved one day to do my Christmas shopping, but since I'm a rock star, I had it done long before my first opportunity to book off time came.

As a classic "be careful what you wish for" scenario, my recovery extended for most of the week as Sunday night, I wound up keeled over in pain on the bathroom floor.

Myself and let's say a dozen family members contracted what I can only call Flumageddon. Three days off of work, and I still have co-workers urging me to take another day... plus take that day off I wanted Monday. While I like to think they're worried about my health, I know they just don't want to get this flu.

As always, long periods of time alone lead to some introspection.

1. Purging your entire digestive system, followed by three days of ingesting nearly nothing results in unbelievable dizziness... and the inability to properly exercise portion control. My lunch for work tomorrow? A toddler would consider it a snack.

2. Season 1 of Community is by far the best. Season 3 is dark and hard to get through when sick. Season 2? I think I slept through it.

3. Never try to knit during the 20 minute reprieve your body gives you between, er, expulsions of the upper digestive system. You will have to frog it all when you're finally feeling well enough to see clearly.

4. While my mother has the uncanny ability to prevent herself from having upper digestive system distress if the bathroom available to her is not cleaned to her liking, I can stave off doing so long enough for Scott to finish what feels like, at the time, a long, meandering and pointless tale of Super Mario Bros. conquests.

5. I have a very limited idea of what I deem "important" in my job when it means having someone else do it. And yes, I did spend the three days monitoring my inbox from home, cherry picking what I passed along to my back up -- not because she isn't capable, but because I'm a control freak.

6. Paul Rudd is a marvelous man... but is in some weird movies. How Do You Know and I Could Never Be Your Woman? Bizarre.

7. I'm now off to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  For those of you south of the border, have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh geez....sounds rough. Feel better soon.

  2. Sorry about your illness; I'm suffering through something similar now and trying to cheer myself up by reading blogs. Just for the record, you ARE a rock star!

  3. No fun! I hope you are on the mend soon!


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