Monday, November 12, 2012

On Snow

Heading into this weekend, we knew we were going to be getting snow - and likely the type of snow that tends to stick around for, oh, about 5 months. While the Colorado low didn't quite give us the 40 cm we had been told to watch for (nor did it start Friday afternoon, again, as we were so warned), it went from "Fall" to "Winter" pretty much overnight.

Every year, I feel that I'm preparing myself for the on coming snow. I unpack my mitts, toque and scarf. I dust off my winter boots. This year, we even did a mad dash through the stores Thursday night to get all of our Christmas shopping done so we didn't have to fight the weather on top of the traffic, the parking and the crowds.

Every year, when I wake up to snow caking the ground, the beauty of it only resonates for a few seconds before I find myself adding another blanket to the nest I'll be reluctant to leave until spring.

How do you react when you realize you've left fall and enter winter?


  1. I feel like you, the snow is pretty for about a split second then I realize that the snow will be around for a long time! Heather

  2. I pretty much do the same thing as you, though we maybe see snow once or twice. But we have had hail twice this fall already so I'm really paranoid. It's also jumping around with 20-30 degree differences in a matter of days.

    I hate the cold, but after the summer we had, I'm hoping we have a cold winter.

  3. Exactly. I've been getting emails and seeing on facebook all the snow in the prairies. Ugh. I'm absolutely dreading coming home in the winter with no transitional preparation. I'll have to get someone to meet me and the airport with a winter coat and boots! Every year I want to be excited about how beautiful it is and how cozy you can feel when you're inside, but, like you, it lasts for seconds. Winter...


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