Thursday, November 29, 2012

The best gift we can give is our time

Sage (who I got to know through Sweet and Sage back when she did outfit posts but now blogs at as a life coach) posted a video a few weeks back about "the smart advice that really pisses me off". It went something like: "we make time for what's important"

Sage, I apologize, I never made it past that phrase. I don't generally watch videos online. Animated gifs... especially of furry creates... those are a whole other story.

Anyway, as my life feels like its moving at rapid speed towards Christmas (15 more working days!!), I've been thinking a lot about what is taking up my time, especially since blogging has hit the back burner

- creating Christmas presents
- snuggling nieces and nephews
- texting family
- staying up too late talking in bed
- driving halfway across the city - twice - to have supper with an out of town friend (note to self: check the date on the calendar before leaving the house... I like to be early but 24 hours early is just dumb!)

While there has been some aimless internet wandering, even that has been decreased or at least directed towards a more productive goal (currently: researching new cars).

If we make time for what's important, then I think these days, I've got my priorities in line!


  1. Good outlook Cara. Creating Christmas presents sounds like a great way to spend your time. Homemade gifts are the best!

  2. Looks like family takes up a lot of your time and that's the way it should be!! Family is the most important thing!

  3. Time is definitely important. I'm glad you're filling your days with more productivity. It leads to a more satisfying feeling at the end of the day. =)

  4. You absolutely have your priorities straight! Making presents, cuddling with family, and seeing friends is SO important. And not just for this time of year. I'm trying to be more conscious of how I'm spending my time too.

    Cara, thank you so much for still reading my blog. It's gone through some major changes in the past year. And I like to make time for your blog too. :)


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