Friday, December 21, 2012

A Week of Red

I love the week leading up to Christmas. I get far too excited, to the point where I make myself sick. Grade 4 Christmas pageant? Spent that in a feverish daze. Grade 7 Family Gathering? High on pain killers post-oral surgery. First Christmas as a Grad Student? H1N1. It's not surprising that currently, I'm head to toe in hives (an overdose of hot chocolate and Christmas oranges likely to blame). But it takes a lot to get me down.

I'm decreeing this week as the week of RED, wearing red every work day to keep some holiday cheer as we scramble to wrap up loose ends before campus closes down for the holiday season.


Christmas outing:
Last trip to the grocery store before heading out to family gatherings.


Christmas outing:
Christmas Lunch for our office


Christmas outing:
Gift exchange for our department and Christmas party for Scott's workplace

Yes, I was dressed Thursday for my last day of work, but a very adorable baby projectile vomited on me repeatedly at a Christmas party before I could take pictures.


  1. That's gross about the baby.

    Love the last look - your legs look great. And I love seeing your shoes!

  2. I love all the red!! The last outfit is my favorite, but they are all so fun! And I used to get sick around Christmas too, I am the same way, over excitement and not enough sleep, lol. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh lala! Wednesday!!! Sorry about the hives. But wow you do look amazing in that black dress, and so does your hair!

    I realized last night all I had to eat/drink yesterday was an order of onion rings, a ton of chocolate, a mojito and a rum and coke (ooooops - I only drink around Christmas and apparently forget to eat, made up for it today with tacos~).

    Sorry about the vomity baby!

  4. Red looks perfect! I love this week too. It's all about the anticipation! Projectile vomit is never a good look. Happy Christmas Miss Cara!

  5. Wowee, you look HOT on Wednesday! Awesome dress and I love the red belt. I have a similar belt. Sorry about the baby vomiting on you (yuck!), but I guess you can forgive the little one since it's Christmas.

    Have a wonderful holiday! :)


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