Monday, December 31, 2012

Be It Resolved...

Usually, I don't make my resolutions until my birthday (on the 6th), but since I took a look at the week ahead of me, I realized that I wouldn't have time. Since I'm procrastinating cleaning (yes, Mom, again. I know, you're so ashamed, yet not in the least bit surprised), what better time than now to think about what I want from the new year?!?! This year, I'm going to keep it simple... by resolving one thing that encompasses EVERYTHING.

Stay On Top of Things

While not the most eloquent resolution, I really believe we are in a place where we can confidently approach each obstacle and challenge in the coming year in a proactive rather than reactive manner. Sure, there will still be things that can knock us off course, but having certain safety nets and plans already in place either to combat the problem, or at least keep the rest of our life together as we face it should ensure that we aren't continuously reduced to wailing on the couch from under the safety of a blanket, refusing to come out, even for food... acting like an adult might be on slate for next year's resolutions!

Some of my ideas for staying ahead in the new year include:
  • Rebuilding our financial safety net to help weather the financial implications of any obstacles we're likely to face, including enough money to cover our income for 3 months for both of us, or 6 months for one of us (will be completed: February 22nd)
  • Create a budget binder to reduce the number of middle-of-the-night "Did you pay the phone bill" incidents (will be completed: January 2nd)
  • Continue using a joint Google calendar (synced with phone) to keep track of important dates that can be referenced anywhere (already implemented)
  • Make healthy options more accessible by prepping salads, snacks, etc., as part of the "putting groceries away" routine (to be implemented after grocery shopping January 2nd)
  • Plan out outfits ahead of time, and set them out the night before to avoid the "where is my black tank top? No, not that one, the other one! Get out of my way!" morning fights (to be implemented: in time for first day of work, January 3rd)
  • Create "Summer Wish List" so we don't spend beautiful days researching what to do, rather than actually doing them (will be completed: by the May Long Weekend)
  • Start shopping for Christmas strategically. IE: get Brother-in-law's camping supplies at the end of summer, etc. (will be completed: by mid-November)
  • Purge regularly to avoid too full storage spaces spewing out into living areas (to be implemented January 1st, as we put Christmas presents away)
  • And yes, Mom, put away things as soon as we're done with them, so when "cleaning day" rolls around, it means scrubbing toilets, not stumbling over last weeks hamper of clean laundry, still not folded an put away (implemented: by the end of today)
Even if we aren't able to get 100% on this one, surely we'll be able to have some success with it! 


  1. Happy early Birthday!

    I like your overall goal, but especially how you've broken it down into smaller, achievable goals that are specific AND that you've set yourself a timeline for them. Well done!

    Happy New Year, Cara!

  2. You are on the path to implementing so many of your resolutions already. It's good to set a timeline because you have something to work towards. Laying out clothes the night before is a huge timesaver for me! Happy New Year Cara! Heather

  3. Agreed - Happy Early Birthday! Sounds like you have a great list already planned out. Google calendars are really great, I use them in conjunction with a traditional calendar. That way I'll always remember important things.

  4. I love your stay-on-top-of-it resolutions. I'm a sucker for goals and resolutions. A budget binder sounds like something I need too. And planning my clothes the night before has saved me so much frustration in the mornings.

    Happy new year (and birthday)! :)

  5. Good goals. Really they will make life so much easier in the end. Maybe I'll copy you on some of them!


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