Friday, December 28, 2012

Moments to reflect

I'm in a nice quiet limbo... we've finished most of our Christmas celebrations (4 Christmas dinners down, 1 to go), but we're not yet at the rapid dash from new year, through returning to work and ending at my and my sister's birthdays. It's a nice time to reflect.

And of course, procrastinate on the cleaning and undecorating I should be doing.

It's really hard for me to look back on 2012. The year started in such a dark place for me, and while leaving a job that was not only soul crushing but that didn't even cover our bills was probably the moment I should be most proud of, and the catalyst for our life actually moving forward, it seems so far removed from how we will be ending this year that I can barely recognize it as something I went through.

2012 was a building year for us. We started the year un(der)employed, exhausting our savings, and crossing our fingers every time we booted our computer or started our car. We are ending it in stable careers we both love, within a couple weeks of rebuilding our financial safety net, and with new cameras, computers and cars.

My largest complaint all year was that we were in a holding pattern, and now our life is moving forward with such purpose, it's dizzying.

And that's why I'm enjoying my nice quiet limbo, reflecting on our progress instead of the cleaning and undecorating I should be doing. We have a lot to be proud of, and a lot of blessing to count. 


  1. It has been a trying year for you, but you pulled through! So glad you are ending the year off on a good note and are taking the time to reflect and enjoy yourself.

    We had a pretty rough year with a lot of changes too, so hopefully 2013 will kick ass for all of us! Heather

  2. I know you had a tough year, but you're coming out of it stronger! Here's to 2013 being super amazing!

    By the way, that picture is super cute.

  3. Such a sweet picture!

    There will always be years like that, but then there will be the times when you're happy and content and all is well. You'll make it through - this will pass.

    It was a rough year for us with losing Inigo...

  4. I'm glad this year has really turned around for you guys. But remember life can change as easily from bad to good as the reverse and persevering will get you through. I'm so glad you quit the bad job and found a better one. That was a hard thing to do, but you did it. Congrats Cara. You'll keep heading up and up!

  5. Good for you! Sometimes hard things are good things. And that photo is so cute!

  6. That's really amazing how you've been able to turn it around. What an uplifting (if dizzying) way to end the year. Congrats and enjoy your blessings!

    Oh, and you two look adorable in that photo. :) Happy new year!

  7. Hi Cara. Thank you for the kind words about my friend Geoff.

    I've been following your blog for well over a year and I saw, first-hand, the difficult transition you and your man made this year. It's very encouraging to see you go from uncertain and anxious to focused and determined. 2012 was a turning point for you two and, years from now, I'm sure you'll look back on this time as necessary and productive. It's hard to live through life at times, but the struggle always bears fruit. I hope 2013 is a delicious one for you to savor.


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