Monday, January 14, 2013

A Place to Put It

Despite all of our talk recently of ever so desperately wanting to get into a house, we do love our apartment. I may be biased, but we are pretty sure it's one of the best in Winnipeg -- for less than $1000 a month for a two bedroom. Oh, and it has a dishwasher, a fireplace, and a balcony big enough to store four tires, a large wooden bench, all of our outdoor furniture, and still enough space that you feel guilty not shoveling it.

One of the greatest features is the storage closet. While I will admit that I have seen an apartment in this city with a storage closet (in-suite) so big it could be a bedroom, ours is still pretty sizeable.

That being said, we have a lot of crap. And when you have a lot of crap, you need a spot for all that crap. And to make sure that you remember to put that crap back where it belongs, you need to make it easy to see.

Our solution was to go vertical. Not only do we have two sets of shelves along one side, we've used the other two walls as hanging space. This set up helps keep crap off the floor, so you can actually get in and see where everything is!

We may have pretty much kissed our damage deposit goodbye with the fact we have so many nails in these walls, but I think it's well worth it. All of our cleaning supplies are in baskets that I used to have in our bathroom, organized by frequency of use (when Scott remembers which basket he took something from -- this is one of those battles I'm choosing not to fight. If it's in a basket, I'm happy). Each one is hung from 2 picture hangars -- the strongest I could find. And of course, our cleaning bucket hangs off the wall too.

Up until last week, we lost a great amount of floor space to a TV box that was filled with all of our boxes. This apartment is not our "forever home" and since good boxes are exceedingly hard to come by, especially now that Scott isn't working retail, we saved our best boxes. Thankfully, my parents agreed (or rather were coerced on the one weekend when you can't say no to me: my birthday) to store it in their attic. While we haven't made the most use out of the little section of wall we reclaimed, I love walking in to see our vintage (again, thanks Mom & Dad) tennis rackets. Functional and aesthetically pleasing? That is why I love organization!

And yes, Dad, I am aware the rackets aren't level. I swear I used a level. The same one I used everywhere else in our house where pictures aren't level. Next year for Christmas, can you get me a level?


  1. Ha ha! My husband won't let me hang anything without a level and I still don't get it right. We are definitely on the same page these last few weeks. I spent the majority of the weekend organizing, purging, and cleaning. It's so nice to have a place for everything! Heather

  2. You have a fireplace in your apt? See, that's better than my house - I don't have a fireplace in my house! I want one. Someday.

    I'm in such an organizational mood right now too!

  3. Your apartment sounds great! Want to come back to Regina and search for one just like it for me??

  4. Vertical space is so under utilized! I'd never have any room if I didn't go up! Your apartment does sound heavenly - Mmm! Fireplace.


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