Friday, January 18, 2013

Catching Up

Do remember at the beginning of 2012, I created a rule that I was going to give away one article of clothing per week? And then how that disappeared when life got busy, or good, or bad or something?

I was boxing up things this past weekend to take to the local thrift store, when I decided it was a pretty good haul. I counted 42 items. I knew I had dropped off one giant load in 2012, all ready, so I went through the backlog of Curating my Closet posts, and found that there were at least another 13 items that were in that pile. Likely more!

And while I was tempted to jump up and run to our spare closet to see what is hanging in the "maybe" pile that could be given away, I did some mental math...

... that was 55 articles of clothing, when my goal was 52. You guys, I did it! I completed my 2012 New Years resolution!

But before I go patting myself on the back, I know I still have to go through my closet and weed more out, as I haven't really taken a critical eye on it for months. In fact, I have the distinct feeling that I have more clothes now than I did this time last year. More on that later!

But for now, here is everything I'm giving away this trip. If you see anything you like, let me know and I'll give better pictures/more details. I don't so much care where it all goes, as long as it goes!


  1. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of things you no longer wear? Once my closet is purged and organized it's nice to go in and only see things that I love. Congrats on meeting your goal too. Have a great weekend! Heather

  2. Congrats on your goal!! I just went through ALL of my clothes and tried on every item. I have 2 huge garbage bags of stuff to donate. I've put the hangers in backwards in my closet so that when I wear them I'll turn it around. If in 6 months I haven't worn it, it's going out! It feels good to purge the old stuff!

  3. Well done, Cara! It feels so good to get rid of things that aren't right.

  4. Congrats on keeping your 2012 resolution! I love cleaning out my closet. It's weird, but I feel like I have more outfit possibilities when I get rid of the junk. It's like I can finally see the potential. Good job!

  5. Woo! Congrats on making your goal! I need to do a whole room clear out asap. School started today, textbooks bought, ugh - and I need to reorient everything from vacation-creative-mode into student-mode.


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