Monday, January 28, 2013


I know Swiffer dusters does not replace a cleaner and a rag for an actual scrubbing of surfaces, but when your mother-in-law calls to say they're in Portage, and will be at your house in an hour, they do the job (Ok, I've never received that call. Only when they were in Virden, and we lived in Regina, and that was about 3 hours away).

But what bugs me is the fact that I love a NEW Swiffer cleaner but after running it over a single shelf, it feels like I was just smearing dust over dust. And then I throw it out at the end of the dusting session.

Finally, I got mad at wasting money on Swiffer dusters, and decided to make my own.

I used this tutorial. 

Here are my versions of the instructions
  1. Ask your sister for spare flannel. When you get home, realize you already had flannel, and are glad she never gave you any. 
  2. Three days later, find said flannel, and reminisce over the fact that you made a wonderful Burrito Baby Blanket for your niece, and you haven't seen it, in a while, even though your niece's little baby brother would probably love it

  3. Decided to make them RIGHT NOW, but first pin it, so you can say you finally did something on your pinterest board.

  4. Measure out 4 7X7" and 4 4X7" squares. Remember, you want the flannel to get all ragged, so feel free to tear rather than cut. 
  5. Stack in piles of 2 large and 2 small squares - centred.

  6. Sew down the middle. 
  7. Place the two "backs" (being the large squares) together, so the smaller ones are on the outside. Fold the smaller rectangles to the side (top and bottom set). Centre your swiffer handle on the fold, and trace the part of the handle you insert. Repeat on other side
  8. Sewing through all 7X7 pieces, follow the line you had traced, omitting the areas where the handle bumps "out"

  9. Trim the pieces so each piece is an inch or so smaller than the other. Repeat on opposite sides.

  10. Snip the pieces into strips. Keep in mind, you want this to fray up, so don't get too perfect.

  11. Floof up. Ignore comments from your husband about your dusters looking like tacos. Dust to your hearts content, and wash and dry as needed. The more ragged they get, the better!


  1. I feel the same way about the swiffer dusters. Great job making your own and a bonus that you can wash it! Heather

  2. This is awesome! I wish I knew how to sew, lol. I'd totally make one of these.

  3. Mmmm...taco dusters. I have a love-hate relationship with Swiffer dusters too. I love how they work but hate the waste. Great DIY tutorial!

  4. Hee! taco duster. What a cute idea. I wish I could say it, but the reality is I need a Bunny Blaster Deluxe 2000 to keep the dust under control at my place. I think it's something about the house, but it's like a wild west of dust bunnies no matter how much I clean.

  5. That's very good! It's my goal to be a better domesticated goddess once I have my own place but for now a quick swipe with an old sock (not a dirty one, just one that's lost his mate) will have to do!


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