Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For Megan

Does anyone else have a birthday immediately following a major holiday, or adjacent to the start of the term? Has anyone else found themselves feeling less than stellar when yet another friend comments: "Can't we celebrate your birthday some other time? I'm too busy/tired?" It makes you start questioning how much your friends value your friendship, which takes your brain to some terrible places.

If not, I know Megan of Megan Mae Daily is with me. With our birthdays 11 days apart, we rued our collective birthdays on Twitter one night. While I decided to go very local for my celebration (limiting it to Scott and immediate family. For the record, it was a pretty great weekend), Megan went global and will be hosting an e-party for hers, on the 17th.

I'm struggling with camera issues, so bare with me. Both pictures were taken with the same settings, and yet, well, you'll see. And yes, two pictures. I have two outfits for Megan!

The first exhibits Megan's craftiness with a feminine take on a traditionally masculine clothing item: obi belts constructed from ties. I loved her blue and green one, so when she mentioned to me she wasn't getting as much use out of it as she had hoped, I gratefully snatched it up! And she included 2 of her button flowers in the parcel too, so yay!

The second outfit is a Christmas present from my grandparents. Armed with a generous gift in the form of wallet-fire (being that stuff that is capable of burning holes, lest it be immediately used to procure goods of a retail nature), I hit up... the mall. Yes, that place I haven't been to in forever and a half (by the way, Canadians: What happened to Smart Set in my absence? It's a ghost town!). I immediately fell in love with a plaid dress with some interesting archectural pieces. This dress is what I assume Megan would wear if she found herself working a 9-5 corporate job. Me? Well, I love 9 to 5 corporate, so of course I'd wear it to a party!!

Sorry, it's near impossible to get the white balance to work and not somehow wash out the awesome colours in the dress.  See the product shot below.
Click me! I get bigger!

So Megan, I hope your e-party is a success. I remember thinking at 23 "This is the age my life is going to start." While I likely would have doubted any of that was true as my 24th birthday rolled around, in hindsight, the year was rather great. I firmly decided against following my carefully sketched out life plan in favour of marching out into unknown territory. I thought I fell in love, got my heart squished to smithereens, and swore I'd never date again, only to find myself in a fierce debate over James Bond filmography at a English student association meeting with a boy (because he was just barely 21 then) I would some day marry. If I were to give you one piece of advice on turning 23, it would be to let life take you where it wants to, even if its never where you thought you'd be.


  1. I absolutely love your second dress! Great purchase. Your advice is spot on too. Oh to be in my 20s again! Heather

  2. That second dress is fabulous! It looks amazing on you, Cara. Gawd, I barely remember my 20s...half my life ago!

  3. I like them both! I love Megan's obi belts, so I think that one looks fab on you. I really love the second dress because it is plaid! You cannot beat plaid!!

    I can relate to the birthday thing a little - mine always falls around US Thanksgiving, so it makes celebrating with friends near impossible. I've just kind of taken to not even really doing much beyond family and I like it. It works.

  4. What a wonderful post. Both outfits are amazing. Love their shapes and colors. (And the absence of shoes!)

    My sympathy on the birthday-thing.

  5. Wee! I'm glad you decided to do two looks because OMG that plaid dress - you're right, I'd totally wear that. Thanks for your 23rd year reflections - I hope this year will be a good one. 22 was good to me, but I kind of didn't even realize I'd been 22.

    The e-party is swimming right along, and I'm happy to say I gathered some friends a day early and managed to have a lunch out with them. It wasn't a huge party, but it's been something!

    Life is strange and beautiful, but I fall in love with new things every day.

  6. Aw, what a sweet post for Megan. That plaid dress is awesome. I like corporate clothes too, even though I work from home now. My 20s were very transitional, and I feel like I'm coming into my own in my 30s.


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