Thursday, January 10, 2013

Losing Laundry

We share a washer and dryer with only three other apartments, so it's generally not to hard to get laundry done when we want.

Generally, we never "want" to do laundry.

As a result, Scott usually throws in a load one evening of what he needs to survive the week, and after a couple weeks of that, we monopolize the laundry room for a whole weekend, trying to catch up.

I used to love our laundry hampers because they could accommodate huge amounts of laundry, so even when we had 8 loads of laundry, they might be bursting at the seams but they could still handle it.

But you know what I couldn't handle? Folding all 8 loads of laundry and putting them away. Scott would have folded, put away, worn, and laundered his clothes in the time it took me to get around to at least folding mine. And then they'd sit on the living room floor for another couple weeks until he'd load them in a laundry basket and bring them to the bedroom. Soon, the laundry basket just became a good make shift dresser.

Suddenly, sorting wasn't just a case of "darks and lights," but "darks, lights and clean clothes," and that gets a little annoying. You can't even yell at Scott for throwing your dirty clothes into that laundry hamper, because that's where dirty clothes are supposed to go.

I spent a week analyzing different laundry hamper solutions, and then another week finding the perfect set. $20 later, I am beyond thrilled (and I really wish I was kidding about that!). We purchased three SMALL laundry hampers: one for darks, one for lights, and one for linens. And the best part? They hold exactly one load. We just have to dump each basket in to the machine, no worrying about dividing and sorting.

Now all I have to remember to do is fold it and put it away.


  1. laundry has always been a pain with us. Ever since we moved in together it has always cost us to do laundry and it has never been RIGHT THERE it was always in another building or at a laundromat. Now it is in the basement but it still costs. We have never gotten on top of it. EVER. It is on my goal list before the kid is born.I hate that it is like that. we should go to a laundromat and do it all in like a giant marathon but who wants to do that!?!

  2. I have multiple large laundry bins in my laundry room - it helps a lot and also keeps my kitties out of the laundry too (the bins are tall). I am with you though, I don't like doing it either - well actually I don't mind the washing so much, it's folding the clean stuff I can't stand!

  3. Ugh! Laundry. Great idea though. I've learned our laundry basket can hold two loads exactly and once full usually has one load of light and one of dark.

  4. Our laundry system is similar. We use collapsible canvas boxes (whites, colors, darks, delicates, dry clean), and it makes it so much easier to just dump the contents of a box into the washer. Folding laundry is one chore I actually like to do...probably from years of folding clothes as a retail employee.


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