Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome to Winter

We're going to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming (which you probably wouldn't be able to tell if I hadn't mentioned it) to teach all of you winter babies how to deal with the recent cold snap infiltrating parts of the globe.

As I comment to a co-worker every morning as I take 10 minutes to take off my outerwear, "it's only cold if you don't dress for it!"

So what does "dressing for it" entail? It depends on the temperature. When this post goes live, it is forecasted to be -27 (-17F)... but -39 (-38F) with the wind. And since I wait for the bus in the middle of bald-headed prairie and work in a wind tunnel, I take that -39 very seriously.

Base layer:
Tights (natural fiber) and long sleeved shirt

Clothing layer:
Thick densely woven pants (aka: trouser jeans)
Long sleeved sweater

Extra layer:
Wool socks
Super thick hoodie
Knit mittens

Outer layer:
Big furry boots
Utilitarian parka
Super long scarf (to wrap around and around and around and around)
Thick windproof mitts
Glasses (blocks the wind from your eyes, which causes tears)

It's not the most attractive look, but neither is your nose once it's been thoroughly frost bitten.


  1. You are a pro at this! We have had a cold snap, but not nearly as cold as you have. I truly believe if your head, feet and hands are warm that is half the battle to staying warm in these temps. Heather

  2. And here I am complaining about the rain today! I couldn't handle your kind of temps!

  3. LOL, yep, that is a good list of things to wear when it's cold!

    I must say, I don't miss my glasses in this weather because of how they fog up, though you are right that they protect from the wind!

  4. EXACTLY! I hear you! If I decide to wear a dress I always have really warm yoga pants on for the walk. And as soon as you finish taking off all the layers you head straight for the kettle!

  5. Wowzers! That's a lot of prep work before you can even get out the door. Stay safe and stay warm!

  6. Brr!!! I cannot imagine. Seriously, I can't. I'd have to move not to freeze to death. I've never lived or been anywhere that cold.


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