Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back on the horse

Last Thursday, I was dreading coming home from work. Monday had been a day off of work, and I'd been sniffly, so I did my best lazy Cara impression and stayed on the couch as much as humanly possible. Tuesday and Wednesday I was home from work late, hitting up the gym. Thursday meant coming home with barely any time before heading out the door to hang out with my sister. Thursday also meant coming home to a house that wasn't looking so good after three days of being, ugh, way too tired to do anything.

I rationalized, "Saturday is coming up, it can wait until then," but the warmer weather on my walk from the bus stop energized me. I decided to clean the bedroom -- which was giving me nightmares -- while the chicken defrosted.

I had time to spare.

As I waited for the rice to finish, I cleaned the living room.

And still had time to do the dining room and kitchen.

I was proud.

When Saturday rolled around, I was feeling lazy, and ready to call the place "Good enough" after my Thursday quick tidy, but knew I best go through the motions. I told Scott if he would do the dishes, I'd pick up the random clutter, make the bed, and run the vacuum over the living room carpet, since there were itty bitty scraps left from one of Scott's projects. Then, we'd call it good enough.

Twenty minutes later, Scott found me cleaning the bathroom.

Not only was that task not on my list, it's also one of the tasks I had long ago relegated to him, and hadn't looked back.

Sometimes my attitude of "Good enough" isn't just accepting that I can accomplish only what is manageable, but that it's a task good enough for me to accomplish.

The mess we found in the back of the fridge, well, that's another story.

Other ways we're Staying On Top of Things:
  • still making lunches before bed and keeping vegetables already chopped on hand
  • still making the bed regularly, and working on remembering to put our clothes away when we come home from work and change... much better since my earlier-in-the-week set back
  • planning our meals for the week
  • entering our expenses and income to our app (even if it meant having only 41 cents in my entertainment budget for the last week)
  • starting our 5k training now, with whatever we can manage during this still icy season, rather than kicking back for another couple of months and then squishing it all into a few weeks


  1. Interesting anecdote with several subtle meanings. Running a household is hard work and how we relate to that work says a lot on who we are, what our attitudes are, what our childhood taught us, and how we deal with our partner. I find reading about your life to be fascinating because it's a window into who you are.

  2. I am glad you are sticking with your goals to stay on top of things. I have been slacking lately. It's mainly because I have no energy when I get home. Then I kick myself in the butt on the weekend, because it has to be done then. I definitely need to get back on the horse and snap out of it! Heather

  3. Ah cleaning binges. I love when I get that burst to keep cleaning, it's a very satisfying feeling. You've reminded me I've been very lax lately, claiming too much is 'good enough'... I think I need to head to the grocery and clean today.

  4. Taking care of a household can be tough, not to mention taking care of yourself. Planning meals in advance has been the most helpful things I've done in terms of keeping the household running smoothly.


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