Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creating Deadlines

We're slowly ticking off organization projects from our to-do-lists.

Somethings are obvious, like when we discover something has leaked in our refrigerator. It may have been a few days ago. It may have been a few months ago. Regardless, what has been seen cannot been unseen.

Somethings are completely done on a whim, like when I opened up my underwear drawer to get dressed Sunday morning, and, instead, spent 5 minutes organizing it, all while shivering in a towel. Whims must be followed.

Somethings are dreaded, and must be forced, like organizing the cupboard under the bathroom sink. It won't take long -- I've mentally found homes for probably a third of the items, another third can likely be edited out, and so the final third should fit with no problem. That being said, it means hanging out in the bathroom for 10-30 minutes, and my germaphobia (which isn't exactly logical, since I was the last person to clean the bathroom, and I think I did a fine job, thank you very much) just doesn't like that idea.

These necessary evils must be dealt with, and the best way to ensure they are dealt with is to create a deadline. The current mess under the sink spills into every available space, meaning that as we take out a roll of toilet paper, something fills it space.

Since toilet paper was on sale, and we had room in our household budget, I bought a big pack of toilet paper which requires unpacking under the now-full cupboard. With guests coming over, I knew it wasn't the best time to start an organizational project. Rather than shoving it all in and calling it "good enough" (when it clearly wasn't), I've stashed it in another cupboard, where our winter duvet lives. It's out of the way for now, and while winter still has its grip on us, I know we only have 5 rolls of toilet paper left under the sink. I have until those 5 rolls are gone to talk myself into organizing our bathroom.

And that's a deadline you can't mess with!


  1. Lol! That sure is a deadline. I'm grateful that we not only have one garage, but two now, so we have places to store jumbo boxes of stuff and carry it inside as we need. I'll definitely miss the space of a house when the DH and I move.

  2. Haha! I have a deadline of Saturday (hosting a shower at my house) to shampoo the carpets and clean the baseboards. I hate tasks like that. lol

  3. Hee hee! I think the space under the sink in our bathrooms could stand to be organized too...


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