Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Bit of Housekeeping

If you've been following this blog for a few years, you'll know we had terrible luck with upstairs neighbours. You also likely know I haven't complained about anyone in our new building. That being said, we did hold our breath when we discovered a mother and her son were moving upstairs from us mid-way through February.

They seem to be perfectly pleasant people -- some noise during daylight hours, but nothing that can't be ignored.

Nonetheless, the apartment lifestyle allows for somewhat of a fishbowl effect -- you become privy to a small part of someone else's life. This new family? We know the furniture they own (having seen them move in), the car they drive, and how often they vacuum.

It's amazing how that last one can impact the conversations we have.

They seem to vacuum their apartment at least once a day. We're talking 2 people in an 806 square foot apartment. While I'm not immune from the odd dash from the door, over the carpet, into the kitchen (or bathroom if it's been a particularly long commute home), we vacuum once a week... occasionally once every two weeks if we've been away for a lot of the week.

Of course, we're also not a pre-teen or teenage boy (I seriously can't tell ages of people under the age of 23 any more. That's a sign of being an adult, isn't it?), so who knows what kind of messes he may get into.

That being said, we've spent a lot of time discussing how much time should be devoted to cleaning, and why some people need to clean more or less, trying to discern whether we are slobs, or they are neat freaks.

How often do you vacuum?

And, perhaps a related question, do you wear shoes in your house?

We are a sock-footed only household, while my sister is always in slippers, and my grandparents have "house shoes". We have heard rumours that the "shoes at the door" lifestyle isn't the norm in the US... give us a glance at what we could see in your fish bowl!


  1. Ha ha! Apartment living is definitely different than living in a house. We typically take our shoes off at the door (but not always) and wear slippers. We vacuum every other day because we have a dog that sheds like crazy! Heather

  2. I vacuum sporadically. We have wood floors though. I keep my room (the room the DH and I share) and our bathroom cleaner than the in-laws keep the rest of their house. We have a no-shoes in our room understanding. I say understanding because it's not technically a rule, but we wear shoes or house shoes into the rest of the house because we never know what we might run into (Dog, sewing projects, etc)

    I think your timing is how I'd probably stick to it if I wear cleaning a whole apartment. It's pretty easy to see when wood floors get dusty or dirty so I run a vacuum over it when I see dust picking up.

    1. *were @_@ That was a dumb mistake.

  3. I've also heard that many people in the US wear their shoes indoors, which to me is unthinkable! There's dog poo on the ground (even if you can't see it) and I like to sit on the ground at home, thus sitting in minuscule poo particles! I've never worn slippers because I don't even like socks, my toes long to be free. As for vacuuming? Ummm hardly ever. I know I should do it more, but usually go on the if I can feel grit on my bare feet it's time to sort that out principle.

  4. We take our shoes off as soon as we're in the door too and just hang out in our socks. Why would people want to track dirt and grim around the house--yuck! We vacuum about every week or two depending on how messy it gets.


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