Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deadline complete

I did it.

Or rather, I'm going to do it, as soon as I finish my orange juice and change out of my jammies.

... And of course, now Scott wants to shower.

It's not easy organizing around this place!

Reorganizing under the bathroom sink should have been done long long long ago. When we started redecorating the place last summer, we moved a small desk into our bedroom for a vanity (Err... yes, I do know I already have an actual, vintage vanity being stored at my parents). It meant a lot of the "mess" under the sink could go into the drawers of the desk.

But it never happened. And then I cut my hair and had to swap out my big (expensive) straightener for my smaller (cheaper) straightener; my volumizing mouse for my pomade, my large round brush for my fine tooth comb. And didn't clean up after myself.

I had lots of excuses, but set myself a deadline.

And in natural Cara fashion, that deadline closed this weekend, when a DIY Easter present for my niece required using a lot of toilet paper to clean a mascara tube. Finally, I could avoid it no longer.

Step one was to go through and get rid of all the expired medicine (yes, I know how bad it is to keep medicine in the bathroom, but until we have space...)

Step two was so sort out what was going to the bedroom.

Step three was to empty everything out of the containers, and, in some cases, restock them with the same materials -- minus the dirt and garbage that sometimes collects. In other cases, find better containers. In a couple cases, it meant corralling partially used bottles and extra full bottles into one container (and discovered that bottle of gel I knew I still had but couldn't find and thus replaced)

Step four was planning how to lay out the remaining items -- and since I think bathrooms are gross and germy (except the ones my mom cleans... because even when they haven't just been cleaned, they still look clean enough to eat in... not that I do), I lay out the space we have using tape on the floor of the living room.

Step five is to transport everything into the actual cupboard and take pictures!


  1. This turned out great! I think that my bathroom cupboard needs re-organized now. The cleaning supplies are under there and I think by getting rid of them would open up so much more storage. Glad you met your deadline too :) Heather

  2. You are super organized! I'm like to live under your sink it's that clean under there!

  3. Great job! You are inspiring me to get more organized too! It's my plan for this spring, especially because I'm going to have a garage sale in May.

  4. What did you make for your niece that required a mascara tube? I'm curious!

  5. Woo! Congrats. My inlaw's bathroom contains items from an unknown date. Since it's not my stuff, I can't go freely chucking it, even though some of it looks like it's lived in the closet for like 20 years. *AHEM GROSS*

    But anyway, I do keep the bathroom scrubbed and cleaned and only use my own products (I have my own toothpaste... so OCD).

    I do like your before and after pictures. It makes me happy to know somewhere in the world, something has been properly organized. ;)

  6. Way to go, so happy you were able to get it done! Dropping by from I did the Linens and the Loo Challenge too and would be so happy if you could stop by and follow my blog :) I just added you on Google Friend Connect.

    Happy day!


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