Monday, March 25, 2013

Faking it

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago when I cut my hair, I mentioned some apprehension about what a certain person ("K") would say when she first saw it, certain she'd call me a boy (which she did not). Getting a new haircut (one that is significantly more drastic than a couple of natural highlights, or a 1/4 of an inch off the bottom) often becomes linked with a crisis of self-image.

I've decided to embrace it.

I tweeted a pic of me sporting a faux-hawk the other weekend, but didn't actually make it out of the house. I was going to be hanging out with people that I didn't know to well. While I could take it as an opportunity to experiment outside people that I wouldn't be likely to see for quite some time, I decided instead to not make myself stand out any more than usual. 

Just under a week later, we had plans with friends for drinks at a gastropub (which I'm going to say nice to have in Winnipeg, but I do miss the brew pubs of Regina). I decided now was the time to rock the faux-hawk.

That being said, I knew "K" would not like it. And I knew "K" doesn't quite have that filter installed as tightly as others, especially when it comes to me, having known each other for half a decade now. Sure enough, the look on her face said more than the words that failed to come out of her mouth. For someone who sees me every day, in professional garb, trying my best to appear wise and mature beyond my years, to see me stylin' a drastic hairstyle? I don't blame her.

In fact, I kind of thank her.

Is this me??
I had two choices. I could say: "Ya, I know, it's weird, but I had to try it once." I could blame it on the fact we were already running late and didn't have a chance to change it. I could excuse myself and head to the washroom and stick my head under a tap (all of which almost happened with another hairstyle, but I think the faux hawk was a safer choice over something that may have looked a little more "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" than "great"). Instead, I owned it.

"You don't like it? That's all right, I do!"

Getting in touch with my wild side
It's not my every day style. I did feel more like Megan than me. But sometimes, it's fun to be someone else!

And don't worry, "K," when you peek through our peep hole at work, there won't be a faux hawk sticking out on Monday!


  1. Ha! Love it. And the stylish outfit. We need to push the envelope every so often to see what we're capable of. You go girl!

  2. Way to be adventurous and take charge of your style! I think it looks great and you are right, it can be fun to push the envelope sometimes! I am impressed!

  3. I think you rocked it! I bet it felt liberating to say "F" it to everyone and go in there. Heather

  4. Awww!!! I love it. I do think it's totally cool, but I can understand if it didn't feel 100% you. However I do give you major props for giving it a go. I also love your black and red look of course. A cool way to rock something edgy and fun.

    I can't wait for it to warm up again here. I've been rocking the flat-hair, hat-head for the past few days. Too windy and now too cold!

  5. I love it! It's fun and mad! And isn't that what spring time is all about?? Do what you want, other people be damned!

  6. You DO look like Megan! Sometimes I wish I took more chances with my hair and fashion. I'm so glad you owned it instead of changing your hairstyle to appease other people. I'm digging the red and black outfit.


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