Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting more for my green

I know so many of you love dresses from eShakti. My first experience? Not so great. But everyone else seemed to love them.

So when eShakti offered me another crack at their clothing lines (for free), I decided I'd give them another try.

I still love that eShakti offers primarily cotton dresses. Dresses that can breathe are necessary for humid summer days! And boy oh boy could I use some humid summer days!

eShakti offers a lot of bloggers dresses (have you a few around this week? No? If not, check out H&K Style Journey, Bethie the Boo, Keep Warm... I know I'm missing so many!!), but it does seem like they do actually listen to our reviews... I had been concerned last time that the dress had come only in a relatively thin plastic bag, offering little protection from the international journey it undertook protection. This time, my little dress survived the journey (this time: India, Germany, Cincinnati, then Winnipeg) much better in a super thin box.

The downfall? eShakti seems to be very popular, in that by the time I figured out what I wanted, all of my choices (yes, all of them) were sold out. Oh, kitty cat dress, I would have loved you.

Of course, new dresses seem to pop up all the time. The problem? I wanted a dress for wedding season (3 within 8 days... here's hoping my holidays get approved), and a dress to wear to work, and a dress to replace my beloved green comfy one... narrowing it down to one was so hard! Until I found one that worked for all three!
Wedding Season

Workin' Hard

Chillin' on the Weekend
Of course, I customized the dress. Ordering a dress online with my lack of chest is NEVER a good idea, except when you can say "make it smaller". And I brought the hem above the knee. But I kept the pockets... seriously? Who gets rid of pockets?

The jersey is a bit stiff, so it can't quite replace my "so comfy I can sleep in it" green dress, but really, if I can take a dress from wedding to work to weekend, does it really have to resort to pajamas too?

eShakti, you've moved from: "never buy again" to "meh, I might"... who knows, maybe in a year, I'll be their #1 spokes-model!

And for a limited time, eShakti is offering my readers 20% off using the discount code: CRSCLSET from now until March 20th!


  1. SUCH a cute dress. I think it'll soften up in time and be more comfy. And how awesome it'll work for so many events.

    I am dying over how cute your hair is.

  2. How amazing do you look! Answer: SO VERY! The new hair, the dress which is such a great colour, the fun/crazy expressions! LOVE IT!

  3. This dress is gorgeous on you!! ANd I adore your cute new pixie cut!

  4. You look freakin' amazing! And your hair is looking so good with the high neckline of the dress.

    Um...I'm one of those people who gets rid of pockets. I never buy dresses with pockets and I sew the pockets on my pants closed. I guess I don't like having things inside my clothes. That's what a stylish handbag is for. :)

  5. Omigosh your hair!!! It looks so chic and I love this colour green on you, wow girl look at your bod (those planks are clearly paying off!) :)

  6. you look amazing! i adore your dress and the way you pose!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  7. Perfect dress!! It looks fantastic on you! I'm sorry the kitty cat one you wanted was sold out - one of the kitty cat ones I wanted was sold out too but I was lucky to get a different kitty one. I think your green one will definitely work well for wedding season though! Fantastic!

  8. Cute dress. But wow! I love your hair! It truly suits you.


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