Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Public and Private Lives

The first place I posted a link to this blog was on my Facebook. A year later, I'd be horrified to do the same. A year after that, I would be mocked for having it. A year after that, I'd try to use it as leverage into a job I thought I wanted. A year after that, the moments when my blog life and my "in real life" life intersect cause me to cringe.

This balance between blog and life is, apparently, complicated and tricky.

Over the last few weeks, there have been a few comments about the blog from people that I know in real life. It's given me the heebies, and in some cases the geebies. But there's the odd time it doesn't.

My aunt and a few cousins? No big deal.

A number of friends I met, and sadly left behind in Regina? No problem. And yes, my dear friends, The Comic Book Couple comment away!

The people I see every day at work... uh... well... hmm.

The blog is an inside view into my life... perfect for those people I don't see on a regular basis, and tend to "keep tabs on" through Twitter and Facebook. It's fairly reciprocal -- new media begets new media. It's fine for those people that are far enough away that should you choose to judge me, I can simply pretend you don't exist.

But sharing my online reflects of my day to day life with people that share my day to day life? That's where it weirds me out.

I won't tell them to stop reading... I'll just continue to cringe when a passing reference is made at coffee. It would be entirely hypocritical to interact with them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, but ban them on Blogger. It's just something I'm sure, in time, I'll deal with.

And just when I think I've figured out this weird idiosyncratic view of my online life intersecting with my real life... if Scott dare miss a post of mine, his name is mud!


  1. This is one thing that's a grey area. Keeping your private life and public life separate is tough. Nobody in my real life even knows about our blog, except family members. It's kind of my happy place that's for me. I told my best friend and she didn't even know what a blog was, LOL! Heather

  2. It is a little weird when people in real life comment about my blog stuff. Sometimes I feel like it's a vacuum or its own little bubble, so I'm surprised when people mention it. For the most part, I'm cool with it. I remind myself not to publish anything I wouldn't say to anyone in real life. I'm mostly an open person, but of course there are some things I will never put on my blog...like the exact number of cupcakes I've eaten this week... :)

  3. It is such a tricky balance. Only my husband and two closest friends know about my blog. Then I have made friends in real life with some people I met via the blog too - so that is kind of interesting too when you think about it! I continue to keep it mostly separate from my "real world" so to speak, but if anyone finds out on their own I don't hide it.

  4. I tell people about my blog, but for the most part I don't give the link out to people I know IRL. Freaks me out a little bit when my IRL friends mention they read something on my blog. I certainly don't expect them to be reading it, but if they do I won't encourage them not to. I keep several accounts (twitter, facebook,tumblr, LJ) across various sites to keep up with friends I know through certain channels.

  5. It's weird when computer and real life collide. I remember walking into a party and the Gentleman's ex-girlfriend shouted across the room that she's been reading my blog. WEIRD! I think most people in my life know about the blog but just don't care that much because it's not their thing. And that's cool with me!

  6. I know what you mean. Only a select few in my real life know about my blog and, when they mention it, I'm startled. Then again, others whom I wish would read my blog, don't.

  7. Yeah, I'm pretty much the creepiest person ever.


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