Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ready to Run!

Last Thursday, I posted my weekly workout schedule. Again, it was an ideal situation, so I don't always hit the gym 5 times a week. But in order to make the best effort to get there as often as possible, I have to make sure the gym fits into my schedule.

For me, I like to go on my lunch break whenever possible. With an hour for lunch, it means some sacrifices -- eating at my desk while working, being rose-y cheeked, not being able to do a full work out.

I like to keep my work out plans to 30-35 minutes. This allows me 10 minutes to get organized before I hit the gym and 15-20 minutes to shower, change and get back into working mode at the end.

I'm also trying to train for a 5K run, along with working with a athletic therapist to get my knees and hips to work, well, the way they're supposed to. Finding good workouts on Pinterest that match my criteria? Difficult.

So I developed my own. I tried this work out last Tuesday when the fates aligned and I got my favourite treadmill -- in view of the sun, out of its fiery heat, with a TV where both the screen and audio work. I threw on The Chew (because subjecting myself to food TV while skipping my lunch is always a good idea!), and ran it. I don't think I'll be doing this too often, as 5K is tough to fit into a lunch break and not be as purple as a beet when you get back to the office. It was a great challenge that I didn't quite achieve... but can definitely work may way up to achieving!

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  1. Good for you! I always envy runners. That is one form of exercise that I never could do. I bet you will do great at your 5K :)

  2. I decided to jog instead of walk the other day. LOL my poor bad knees. I'll never be a runner, I'll keep walking though. ;)

    Good luck on the 5k!


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