Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Science... it's sometimes right.

Monday night felt like a big giant waste. I ate a carbilicious meal, wallowed in my blanket watching TV and generally felt sorry for myself (why? I'm not sure). The night just seemed short.

Tuesday night felt like three nights wrapped into one. I got in my athletic therapy exercises, made a balanced supper, meal planned, bought Scott a spiffy spring coat, grocery shopped, prepped veggies for the week, packed lunches for tomorrow, and still had an hour to kill on the internet before I started thinking about bed.

It's hard to believe that there are the same number of hours in my evenings when they seem so drastically different.

The days themselves were quite similar - busier than expected with a satisfying lunch work out popped into the middle. The weather was relatively similar, so I can't blame it on hibernation strategies.

The only suitable difference is the food I ate. We were running low on groceries so I found myself in line at the cafeteria part way through both days. Monday, it was a cookie. Tuesday, it was an apple.

Monday, I went home and ate a poorly balanced meal without any veggies. Tuesday, we had a very veggie-full stir fry (with spicy peanut sauce...mmmmm...).

I know carbs give you the sleepies, and that apples can perk you up (better than a cup of coffee, apparently!) but it always catches me off guard when I see scientific principles working in my day to day life.


  1. I think it also has to do with our concept of time. I know if I just sit around all evening, I feel like I never have enough time. If I get a jump start on my day, I get a lot more done.

    I have a chronic case of the sleepies no matter what I eat these days, but I'm sure more veggies in my diet could help.

  2. i love apples!



  3. I'm a carb queen, but there's a noticeable spike in my energy when I eat veggie-heavy meals. But pasta is so good...


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