Thursday, March 21, 2013

Work out!

Assuming I've timed this post correctly, this post will provide the guilt I need to hit the gym for the fourth time. I always aim for four, am happy with three and consider two an abysmal failure. The occasional week where I hit five? Happens too infrequently to create a benchmark for that success.

Since we are gearing up for running season and or beach season (neither of which feels that close after our recent snow fall), I thought I'd do a feature on what my fitness week looks like. It's more an ideal week than what necessarily happens. I go to a university gym, so depending on the day, sports season and the weather, I have to be flexible and basically use the machines available. And on days like Wednesday when my iPhone slips out of my hand, hits the treadmill and gets flung into the wall, well, those days I just throw in the towel (she's all better now... phew!)

Monday: This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race

10 minute warm up on elliptical actually using your arms
Upper body strength training

Tuesday: Run For Your Life

30 minutes interval training or a long-ish steady pace run.

Wednesday: Stuck in the Middle With You

1 mile run
Core strength training

Thursday: Relax (Don't do it)

Take a day off

Friday:Shake Ya Tail Feather

1 mile run
Lower body strength training (including your tail feather)

Saturday: Move Your Body

5k run
Full body work out.


  1. You are a rockstar! I'm not quite that good with my workout schedule. I'm working on fixing that though!

  2. Lol! Lots of luck. I'm happy when the weather is nice enough for me to take a walk around the neighborhood. I need to hit the pool again now that my tattoos have healed.

  3. I love it that you included an Eiffel 65 song. That takes me back to my college days. Your workout schedule is more hardcore than what I'm doing currently. Rock on!


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