Monday, December 16, 2013

Peace on Earth (and maybe in my head too!)

I may not be a student, but I'm still finding this eternally relevant to my life right now:

I've got one more week of work before Christmas break. And this year, I know what I'll be coming back to in January, so while I know having a neat and clean desk will be crucial for an early success in 2014, it's been hard keeping myself motivated.

Add to that the pace we're going on the house trying to get it ready for people to see it over the holidays, it's starting to get very draining. And there's been more than one day in the last couple weeks where this has actually happened. And when in one of those moods, I tend to end up with "grass is greener" syndrome, and start envying other people's lives and situations which is pretty dumb because it definitely down plays where we've come from

Two Decembers ago, we were living off one not-great income, depleting our savings just to get by, and were always just one setback away from needing to ask our parents for money to cover the rent (which thankfully we never needed, but thankfully we knew we could always count on).

Last December, we were finally both employed, and starting to feel like we could make it on our own.

And this December? We somehow bought a house. That we can afford. That let us jump past the "starter home" situation and still have some cash on hand to help decorate it. And that all important safety net of savings.

We've accomplished a lot in a very short time, so to keep the green monster of jealousy, the blue monster of sadness, and the grey monster of apathy at bay, I'm going to take a step back for the next couple weeks to actually ENJOY all that we do have.

There will be some scheduled posts popping up just so I remember I still have this blog (I'd forget my head these days...) but nothing with any regularity.

And lest you think I spend my time reading a depressing webcomic, Robot Hugs brings you this gem!

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  1. It's always valuable to look back and see where you've travelled. Thanks for sharing about your personal life.


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