Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: It's about Me

A few weeks ago at work, a friend/coworker and I were recounting tales of major/minor home renovations and how our respective "To-Do" lists go over with our respective partners. We both have the same complaint: when we finished a project, and decided to call it a night, we would sit down and start researching or planning the next project, whereas our partners would sit down with their Nintendo 3DS.

Now this wasn't a typical conversation of two coworkers ragging on the men in their life -- it was a sheepish discussion of how we don't take our "downtime" to be "me time". We sacrifice our hobbies, interests, at at time, mental health, in order to keep checking things off our "To-Do" lists, even once we've hit that point in the evening where we know we should stop.

Scott's and my project list for 2014 is bigger than any other year. We're not even a full day into the year, and already I've had to stop for a nap (all right, that might have something to do with this evil evil cold). I'm a little worried my "me-time" is going to become non-existent if I'm not careful.

So that's my resolution for this year: Take Some Time For Me

It's just as vague as last year's "Keep On Top Of Things" but that vagueness made it easier to achieve each month, and able to adapt to the changes of the year. Taking some time for me can be developing some hobbies, investing in my health (mental or physical) or just allowing myself to hit the pause button.

It might even mean confiscating the 3DS from Scott and playing through a few games myself. 


  1. I love it! What a wonderful resolution. We, as women, (she said, making a sweeping generalization) often put everyone else's needs ahead of our own, but looking after ourselves and giving ourselves down-time has a ripple effect on the others in our lives. It's positive and it's good. Happy New Year, hon!

  2. As soon as I'm offline I'm so stealing this and adding it to my resolutions! :-)

    You are right when I think about it ..... I move from one project to the next and I'm often multitasking where my husband (a movie buff) can just sit and lose himself in one with no remorse.

  3. In different words, I made the same resolution. It's important to guard our relaxation time. We need to refresh ourselves. Happy New Year.

  4. Great resolution! I should really try that. With new mommyhood it's hard, but it's also probably necessary!


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