Monday, May 19, 2014

Black and White Spring

I told you black and white were my main colours in my current wardrobe!

I've had this skirt for a decade now. I bought it when the style was to have a weirdly long torso, so the skirt fit at the hips and flared just below them. Ya, I don't know either. In any event, I've been taking it in and in and in as waistlines raised to (currently believed to be) more flattering levels.

And now, I'm wearing it even higher to accommodate, or, as I wanted to do that day, camouflage the bump. There is something that makes me feel that much more human when I'm able to wear familiar clothes (just like how I feel so much less whale-like when I wear any of the non-maternity clothes I bought a size or two up... it's just a mind trick, but it works).

But when it comes to  footwear, I'm totally ALL about playing that pregnant card and wearing my Tom's as OFTEN as humanly possible.


  1. Very cute skirt. Glad you're able to find ways to remain comfortable.

  2. Love the look of the skirt! I'm glad it works well for you still! And yes, play that card to wear your TOMS! I did the same about leggings - I found it was a great excuse to pretty much live in leggings!


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